Essay on Apple's Dominance

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Date:  2022-06-04


Apple has over the past few decades held the dominant niche in the non-PC digital production. Apple is the world's leading smartphone provider housing a powerful advantage to leverage the competitive market share ground. By 2013, the company had clinched sixty-two percent of the nonpersonal computer market share globally raisin to eighty-three percent in the first quarter of 2017. In 2015, with the introduction of iPhone 6 and 6 plus Apple had reached a worldwide market share of ninety percent. The dominant gross margins attained and retained by Apple attribute to the high value-high price strategy to remain relevant to their ever-growing loyal users. This paper will demonstrate Apple's dominance and examine the reasons that have contributed to its dominant position in the digital production market share globally.

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In the last decade since 2007, Apple has remained the dominant player in smartphone production, making a market access with more than one hundred and twenty million devices annually (Bajarin 2017). Apple has for the longest time dominated in the technological camp maintaining the leading position with a profit of over forty-five billion dollars and a capital value of over seven hundred and fifty billion dollars in the last year. This rich capital and profit value positions the Apple Company the leading economic director in a world far ahead of other presumes market dominant players like Amazon with a capital value of four hundred and seventy billion dollars. Through strategic planning and market familiarity, Apple has been able to maintain their dominance player role for the longest period due to their significant strategies to stay two years ahead of their competitors (Motta, 2014). The company has also ensured that they make products that they would also like to use maintaining user-friendly simplicity for in-store experience with their dominating products iPhone and iPad.


In conclusion, Apple Incorporation has constantly maintained its dominant position as a key player in non-pc products owing to their strategic strength to provide their ever growing clientele with the most modern and sophisticated smartphone devices but enhancing that their products remain user-friendly and simple to use. The company has dominated over their close competitors like Samsung by ensuring that their digital niche is ahead of their competition with at least a gap of two years. To ensure that the company remains relevant in the market industry constant adherence to growing consumer needs supersede profitability by coming up with new things that will keep them put in their position in the market share.


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