Essay Sample on Female Gender, Language and Culture

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Date:  2022-11-10


The inexplicable nexus between these three variables about the factions of masculinity and feminism is anthropologically and evolutionary oriented. Gender is sexually oriented- male and female. Language is a learning aspect which individuals cognitively learn in their formative stages of growth (Litosseliti, 2014). Culture is invariably an aspect which covers the anthropological way of life of male and females. The context of comprehension of these variables is the logic and notions behind feminism and masculinity. Based on the fore of the topic the core emphasis is on feminism in the context of America which is the United States of America.

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Subdued voice of women. The literature behind this notion is central to various spheres associated with women either private, political and social (Coates & Cameron, 2014). The most witnessed oppression of women in terms of voice expression is the political sphere. As entrenched in almost all jurisdictions globally, the freedom of association and expression should not be tools of denying women their rights. Scholar and representative of the House of Congress in the United States of America assert that "Historical mission of Congress has been to maintain freedom" and insisted that it was a driving force in American -government.

In terms of cultural orientations, Congress reflects strengths and weakness; it reflects regional idiosyncrasies, ethnic, religious and racial diversity. Congress is constantly changing and constantly in flux. In recent times, the American south and west have gained House seats according to demographic changes recorded by the census and includes more minorities and women although both groups are still underrepresented. While power balances among the different parts of government continue to change the internal structure of Congress is critical to understand along with its interactions with so-called intermediary institutions such as political parties, civic associations, interest groups, and the mass media. To frame the outspoken voices of women, the media should be at the fore of intermediate relay and dissemination of women rights (Coates & Cameron, 2014). The sensitivity of women rights should be approached by a mechanism which sees the media as a form of expression and articulation. Women representation in both houses of Bicameral Parliament USA see the voices of rights of women being addressed. A classic example of such representation is the House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi who in recent times be vocal and with the vigor of womanhood to fight for the rights of American people through legislative policies.

The stretch of political voice among women is politically gendered. The obvious notion is that women find it difficult to occupy various positions of power seemly because of the sense of inferiority. The psychological bases of personality starting from infantry explains a simple correlation between the strength of women and the overcome over men in society. The oppression of women movements points out to the variance that exists in terms of domination, bigotry and male chauvinism.

Extreme masculinity. A classic example of such extremity is the danger and the impact as a result of this behavior. Thus, cases of the pretense of being powerful not in terms of economic or political hegemony but cases of violence exhibited by men to prove their superiority. These cases of violence have proven times without number that it endangers the lives of men (Davidoff & Hall, 2013). Its rare in many cases to find women engage in violence but the current century has proven wrong because of the rising cases of gender-based violence. The association of women or feminism with violence is a subject which will bring the comparison with masculinity and violence. If someone was to rate the two, then the automatic conclusive responses will be that the rates of men and violence are higher compared to women and violence. Therefore, to bring into the perspective the associations and the impacts in the context of America. Violence in contradiction of women in the United States is the use of domestic abuse, murder, sex trafficking, rape, and assault against women in the United States. Culture in the United States has headed towards the trivialization of conflicts towards women, with media in the United States possibly contributing to making women directed to violence appear unimportant to the public. A 2016 study concerning the objectification of women in the social media found that men's magazines, reality television, and pornography brought upon more thoughts of objectification which in turn led to more support of violence toward women (Davidoff & Hall, 2013). In the study results, it is stated that "notions of women fully mediated the relationship between objectifying media exposure and attitudes supportive of violence as sex objects. The net effects of violence against women can lead to immediate physical and long term injuries and in addiction negatively impacting mental and physical health conditions. It can also interfere with life at work, home and school. That is why in some statistics indicate that the indicators of failure of women to get employed as their male counterparts is a result of exposure to such kind of violence.

Feminism success and autonomy. The matrix behind women success and autonomy is the relative constancy of the factors seen to downplay the rights of women in society. The success scale of feminism lies in the equilibrium of feminism and masculinity. The preference by most scholars studying feminism theory is that for the achievement of independence and success of feminism, factors such as private norms, differentiation, and equity need to be looked at. The emerging movements and associations of women globally that are aimed at fighting and advocating for the rights of women are seen as being successful each year. By going with the definition of feminism in the USA, which states that its the collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing and defending a state of equal political economic cultural and social rights for women in the USA. The compatibility of this definition lies on the movements such as the Women suffrage movement which began in 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, many of the activists became politically aware during the abolitionist movement (Ehrlich, Holmes, & Meyerhoff, 2017). The movement reorganized after the civil war, gaining campaigners many of whom had worked for prohibition in the women Christian temperance union. By the end of the 19th century, only a few western states had granted women full voting rights though women had made significant legal victories, gaining rights in areas such as poverty and child custody. That is was one of the classic examples of the successful movements in Ancient America. This success was also influenced by the first wave, second wave, and third wave feminism.


In conclusion, this sample essay concerning the three variables and feminism is sponsored by the relative expressions of autonomy, movements, and majorly the voices of women. I am mainly focusing on the American context where statistics depicts a lot in terms of structured gender-based violence caused by the inflexible notions of male superiority and the unbalanced status of women and men in society.


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