Essay Sample on Establishing a Strategic Leadership Team

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Date:  2022-11-11


Transformational leadership is not the only leadership style that is effective. In its essence, transformational leadership is where the leader has a vision that motivates his followers to do as the leader instructs to help meet the outlined vision. It is a strategic style of leadership in which there is clear communication from the leader as the followers know exactly what to do to attain the vision (Steaban, 2016). There are other leadership styles that contribute to the growth of the organization because they help in complementing each other. They complement one another by addressing the shortfalls of the other with the strengths of another. In coming up with a strategic leadership team within the organization, there are leadership styles whose implementation would have practical benefits. Examples of two leadership styles that would beneficially complement each other in the strategic leadership team include servant leadership and lean leadership.

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The servant leadership would be an ideal style of leading to incorporate in the strategic leadership team. This is because it revolves around the concept that the leaders would do their all to serve their followers. The servant leaders are committed to serving others because they value people especially when it comes to hearing them out and incorporating their feedback in some of the decision-making. Under this style of leadership, the leader facilitates the sharing of power where every employee or follower feels empowered to partake in the organization's strategic actions. The servant leaders believe in nurturing the growth of their followers where they develop them by availing learning opportunities. Servant leaders also excel in providing astute leadership where they take initiative and establish clear targets. They are also firm believers in building the community as a whole by cultivating strong personal and collaborative relationships (Baldner, 2012).

The other form of leadership that would seamlessly integrate into a strategic leadership team would be lean leadership. This is a leadership style in which there is the creation of optimum value through the minimization of wastage and increased efficiency that injects quality into every step of the production process. At the heart of a lean organization is a crop of knowledgeable and skilled workers whose participation is integral to the success of lean leadership. Lean leadership is also characterized by a leader who is a creative coach with regard to strategy, team building, and inspiring the workers to boost their skills. A core value of lean leadership is that even though it aspires for perfection, failure is appreciated because it avails an opportunity for the team to learn and improve (Bercaw, 2016). Lean leaders embrace self-development whereby they serve as role models for others in the company.

As far as forming the strategic leadership team is concerned, there is no denying that the use of the core values of servant leadership within a healthcare setting helps to strengthen lean implementation. The successful combination of the two styles of leadership to come up with a strategic leadership team will depend on a vibrant organizational culture. Combining the lean and servant leadership styles will go a long way in attaining cost-effective, high quality, and patient-centered healthcare facilities (Aij & Rapsaniotis, 2017). They would ultimately lead to the delivery of high-value healthcare services. The two leadership styles share similar values with minor differences so they complement each other well, thus inspiring innovative approaches and high performance in healthcare. Servant leadership is key to unlocking the values of lean management. In other words, it is through the servant leadership that successful lean leaders engage and nurture their workers within a healthcare entity.


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