Essay Sample on Employee Integrity Test: Ensuring Honesty and Dependability for Job Success

Paper Type:  Case study
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Wordcount:  598 Words
Date:  2023-01-18

Completing a psychological test or an honesty test as an employee or a precondition for employment is essential, like any other employment procedure. An employee integrity test is meant for measuring honesty, work ethic, and dependability (O'Brien 621). According to the honesty test makers, this is the best approach towards dealing with workers before they are hired and identifying those who are at higher risks of stealing. It is essential that I am recognized as an honest worker. Dishonest job applicants are smart in employing deceit to potential employers during interviews, and they have ways of carrying out themselves in means which are superior to the low-risk individuals. Employees have an understanding of what it needs to be accepted and ways of overcoming the standard strategy in interviews. A written objective test is critical towards removing those who are not deserving of an employment opportunity. Honesty tests are legal and economical since they cost less compared to polygraph tests (Shaw 352). These honesty tests are administered easily in the workplace and are assessed by test makers. The very fact that these honesty tests are not discriminatory of gender, ethnicity, or sex for the applicants means that I can undertake these tests as a precondition for employment. As a test taker, the conditions in the honesty tests are self-sufficient. Through the experiments, dishonesty is detected, and I sign a waiver which allows the results to be shown to my prospective employer and giving the testing agency the authority of checking out my answers. I think that these tests are crucial towards ensuring my performances are guaranteed in an employee relationship. Using integrity tests is vital towards enhancing the predictive value attached to cognitive tests. These two variables have the highest power in predicting job performances.

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However, there are conditions which I would take these honesty and psychology tests. When undertaking the honesty tests, there must be an assurance that the test will not violate human rights. Additionally, I must receive assurances that all information will be kept private. A big part of the tests is on an applicant's behavioral history, where I will be asked to reveal the frequency, quantity, and nature of particular drug use. I must also indicate if I have been involved in illegal gambling, forgery, drunk driving, and vandalism. I expect that this personal information is not disclosed to any other party, not part of the working relationship. I must also be given a chance to state my viewpoints on the social acceptability on using drugs in case I abuse them. I also think that I should not be coerced into providing self-incriminating information. For instance, I should not be forced into admitting doing something which I have not, such as agreeing to steal from my employers at one point in an organization.

Additionally, the test providers must confirm to me whether or not their test complies with the applicable laws and demand for evidence if possible (O'Brien 635). The test providers need to show the proof that they have not witnessed any serious adverse effects for the protected groups. I would also consider it a good idea having a lawyer reviewing the tests before I take them. The last condition is that the test provides need to prove whether their tests can predict what they were designed to measure.

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