Essay Sample on Effective Communication: Essential Tool for Optimal Management

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Date:  2023-03-27


Communication is an essential tool for human beings because it helps us to coordinate various activities that make our lives meaningful and progressive through the sharing of information between people. Communication plays a significant role as a medium in socializing, educating and training, entertaining, and motivating. For the normal operations of management to be run well in an organization, managers need to communicate effectively. One of the most popularly known models and processes of communication according to Fogel (2017), is the Lasswell Model which relates to management in terms of who said what through which channel speaking to who and what effects it causes. Such a process will make management at work very effective (Fogel, 2017). Another model is the Shannon and Weaver Model which emphasizes that management at work can be enhanced by doing away with all the obstructions like noise to ensure effective communication hence a strong basis for action. Management is made better and more organized without barriers of communication. Talukdar (2017) identifies another model of communication known as the Charles Osgood Model, which emphasizes on the social role in which communication can play in management (Talukdar, 2017). The final model is known as the Schramm Model, which views the communication processes as an exchange of experience which helps in management when individuals showcase their gained experience. The management may be able to emulate some crucial experience from their workers or workers from their managers when they communicate according to this model.

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Hall (2016) identifies the styles of communication to be passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and submissive (Hall, 2016). A passive speaker as a manager in the workplace will be good at mediation when conflicts arise and will maintain good relationships with the colleagues. On another hand, an aggressive speaker in management is not afraid to say exactly what they think even if it means that the feelings of the workers will be hurt. Such a manager likes to command the workers and supervise their work strictly. This speaker can make a great leader in terms of progress of the workplace and effective management. Hall (2016) argues that the passive-aggressive style of communication involves speaking politely and keeping most of the thoughts to oneself but reacting in indirect ways. The passive-aggressive speaker will keep their opinions to themselves and in turn, communicate using indirect methods like actions and strained facial expressions (Hall, 2016). A submissive speaker would the best kind of manager because they will know to express themselves properly without making the workers feel bad about themselves. This kind of management is usually smart and the best if the manager understands what they need to do to balance management and communication.


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