Tool Creation, Visitation, and Analysis of an Organization Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-11

Diversity is how individuals are different or similar to one another. It can also be defined with any varying features in a specific work unit like race, age, tenure, gender, functional background, or education. Organizations vary regarding diversity. Thus, it is essential to know how different characteristics that are visible shapes the behavior of a company. Although most organizations rave over the advantages of diversity, it can be very challenging to manage diversity effectively. Johnson and Johnson Corporation is one of the companies that has enhanced diversity in its operations.

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The company has defined a focus to be able to diversify effectively. Even though diversity covers many areas, the needs of high diversity vary across nations and in leadership teams and companies (Maiorescu & Wrigley, 2016). Johnson and Johnson focus on gender equity which is included in all the leadership levels. The firm also balances the young and lifelong staff to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity of showcasing their abilities and skills. The company also has an open recognition of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.

The company has also embedded and inclusive mindset. Although defining goals for workers diversity is an essential step, inclusive mindset beginning with the senior management plays the role of being a real change driver. Johnson and Johnson do this by ensuring that its employees know of all the available opportunities in the organization and make them understand how they are important in the firm and that they should contribute to change in the firm instead of being coerced to perform their duties (Maiorescu & Wrigley, 2016). The company has also introduced several behaviors and programs in building an inclusive mindset and reducing the risk of being biased.

Johnson and Johnson Corporation has made the effort of keeping career mapping, job security, and compensation reviews as the main agendas while it works with an inclusive and diverse workforce (Maiorescu & Wrigley, 2016). The company also puts its employees first in their operations, and that is the reason its management committee meet with the staff regularly in understanding their concerns and priorities. The concerns of the employees made the organization to implement career mapping tools, transparent communications, and effective culture of job security for staff promotions and internal job opportunities.

The company enhances diversity by ensuring that all the genders are represented in different positions. Additionally, it has introduced systems which gives both men and women the opportunity of balancing family priorities and work through flexplace and flextime working options. The male workers are encouraged to get paternity leave so that they can attend to their families. In further enhancing work-life balance, the company has put in place programs that aims at ensuring that all the employees work effectively, look after their health, and get enough rest (Maiorescu & Wrigley, 2016). To further enhance diversity, the company has introduced different mechanisms which support whistleblowing if harassment or discrimination is observed or even experienced.


In conclusion, diversity is essential in an organization as it helps in building a good reputation for a company which results in increased profits and opportunities for the employees. Johnson and Johnson diversify in different areas including leadership, gender equity, job security, compensation, inclusive mindset, and balancing the young and lifelong staff. Through these strategies, the firm has been able to perform well in its operations, and it was even ranked number one in the United States based on diversity.


Maiorescu, R., & Wrigley, B. (2016). Diversity in Multinational Corporations. Routledge.

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