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Date:  2022-10-24


Based in San Jose, California, eBay is a reputable American e-commerce company with presence in Europe, the US, Asia, Latin America and some parts of Africa. The company is present in close to 190 states world over. The company deals with sales between business to consumers and consumers to consumers on its official website. Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, the company enjoyed success among the youth who had access to the internet at the time when the nation was experiencing an upsurge in the growth of internet connectivity. The initial concept of the company was a place where buyers and seller would meet virtually for purposes of trading on collectables. The company was known as Action Web but later changed the name to eBay. eBay site offers millions of items for the client in a day for collectors. Since its inception, the company has strived to improve person to person trading over the internet to make the experience worthwhile (Resnick et al., 2006). The platform allows buyers and sellers to come together in a manner that permits the vendor to make a list of all their items for sale and the buyers to bid on any item of their preference. These items are arranged depending on the topic with each type of auction with its category (Lendle et al., 2016) To make the experience even better, browsing on the site is free for the buyers but the sellers pay two kinds of charges, i.e., listing the item and the final value of the commodity. Both the buyer and the seller get notified at the end of the business via an email for every successful transaction. After the sale, the vendor posts the item to a buyer who later on collects the commodity. The secret to successful delivery is to select the best and the client's preferred mail firm.

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Project Description

With increasing number of client world over and the competition from other e-commerce firms, the eBay Company has to implement strategies that will see it stay ahead or command a large share of the market. A proposed project targets the company's site's design and layout. Some clients, the majority of whom are new to the site have registered complaints on the navigation on the website. These clients say that the eBay pages are redundant and confusing thus this project recommends making changes (Gregg & Parthasarathy, 2017). Upon its full implementation, the project will be able to avoid challenges associated with mislabeling, poor item graphics, bad categorisation. When fully implemented, the project will make it easier for even new users to identify the items they are looking for on the site. The new project implementation intends to reward the new users who find it hard to compete with the frequent and old buyers and sellers accustomed to the site. Mislabeling, for instance, may lead to overcharge or undercharge for an item, depending on the buyer. Some old users take advantage of such situation to exploit the new venders just the same way as old venders mislabel intentionally to target new innocent buyers. The project will involve in or outsourcing tech company to come up with an application that will remotely monitor incidences of intentional exploitation. When fully implemented, the pseudo-accounts engaging in unauthorized and exploitative trade will be removed from the site. The project will also make improvements to the appearance of the company's website.

Expected Attendants

The project implementation calls for collaboration among the various organization departments. The attendants for the project will include representatives and if possible heads of the following positions, the CEO, the Chief Technological Officer, the General Council, the Communication Officer, Chief Production Officer and the Global Operations Department. In any case of absence of the head of these segments, they are expected to send their representatives. The eBay President, Devin Wenig will be in attendance. As a head of an executive team, the CEO will offer great insight into the recommended changes since he is more knowledgeable about the eBay than all the other members. Any recommended alteration that he thinks may not benefit the organization will be dropped upon his sanction. The chief technological officer, Mr Jeffrey Williams will be of great heal as his team will come up with the new website that is more user-friendlier than the current one.

The General Council representative Kristin Yetto will also be present to make known the position of the department on the recommended changes which is significant input before full execution. The other vital section represented by Dan Tarman is the information department. Mr Tarman will influence the company's public relation when the project is completed. Also importantly, Mr Tarman will discuss the perspective of the new clients on the possible exploitations. Jay Lee, the chief production officer, will also be in attendance. His insight on the potential consequences of altering the company's website will greatly play a role on the way forward. Before implementation of this huge undertaking, it is vital to assess all the possible negative and positive outcomes. Finally, the Global Operation Officer, Kris Miller will also be in attendance. Miller, one of the longest-serving eBay head of operations will greatly influence the direction the project will take. Her takes on whether the change is necessary or not will determine the financing of this project and its viability.

The level of knowledge and experience of the attending company CEO and the various heads of department will significantly influence how I communicate. During the presentation, I will have to exude confidence and clarity to convince the bosses that this is a well-researched project that will be of great benefit to the company. To demonstrate my command on the same, I will use body language as a way of proving my research and insight on the project. The tonal variation, eye contact, and hand gesture will be by the message I am trying to convey and dependent on those in attendance. The communication will be different from the ones I always hold with my immediate senior or even junior workers as proven in the discussion (McIntosh et al., 2008); (Pritchard, 2014).


To: Project Team Members

From: Project Officer

Subject: Project Kickoff Meeting

I am pleased to invite you to the scheduled project kickoff meeting at the company's conference room schedule on 12th December 2018 at 0800 hours. The business of the day will be the viability of implementing the proposed changes on the eBay's website to suit the needs of the clients.

Kindly confirm your attendance via the e-mail not later than midnight of 7th December 2018 to assist in planning. Send a representative from your department is you may not be available of the scheduled date.

Should there be any question or concern, feel free to contact me at any given time?

Have a nice day.


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