Essay Sample on Diversity in the Workplace Environment

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Date:  2022-11-26


Diversity in the workplace environment refers to the creation of an environment which is inclusive and accepts every person with their differences while embracing their strengths as well as focusing on the provision of opportunities for everyone. Even though it is the primary requirement in every work environment, cases of discrimination still exist. Therefore, the situation in the 100-year-old company where I serve as the new HR manager is not any different. Many companies face a similar challenge with some people being offered better positions based on where they come from or the kind of language that they speak. The paper is, therefore, premised on three to five recommendations to the senior leadership of the company with the aim of addressing the situations within the company. Each recommendation given will also be supported with reasons about how they can improve culture and the work environment.

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In consideration of the manager's rejection towards the disciplinary procedure on supervisor one and how promotions are awarded, it is important that any recommendation made must be one which is detailed and with the capacity of addressing the challenges involved. One of the recommendation is based on establishing a task force which is independent and is inclusive of people from different diversities. The task force must also extend membership to women within the organization as a way of ensuring the existence of gender balance. The diversity task force must also work in such a way that there are particular divisions, with each category assigned different functions and roles. For example, there may be individuals concerned with matters disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity to mention but a few. The case of our company will only major on ethnicity and gender because women are at a disadvantaged position of being given better positions within the company and those people who are blacks also suffer from discrimination from the whites. The task force will, therefore, set out certain requirements and standards of operations and also outline clear thresholds for promotions within the company. The moment a person meets the threshold, he or she is supposed to be promoted regardless of his color or place of birth.

Another recommendation is based on efficacy in communication. Effective communication will allow every individual to understand the expectations of the company how supervisor one's case was handled mirrored the company's failure regarding the provision of clear employees, managerial, and supervision expectations. Communication calls on the use of clear language that assist in describing the diversity programs and objectives. The management should also communicate the guidelines of disciplining those who engage in activities that discourage diversity and must be signed by every member holding any position within the company. As such, every individual will be held accountable for his action.

The last recommendation is on the initiation of diverse policies. The policies must be diversity-friendly, for example, allowing the employees, the supervisors, and the managers to have cultural festivities where different cultures are celebrated. The company can set aside a seven-day work off for all the employees so that people can come together and celebrate different heritage. The recommendation will make every person understand the diversities within the workplace and appreciate the distinct cultures around. In the end, chances of discriminations will be reduced, and every individual will remain objective to the achievement of the company's goals and subsequently lead to the improvement of culture and work environment.

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