Paper Example on Celebrating Diversity: Our Organization's Diversity Day

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Date:  2023-09-17

Diversity is a critical part of any organization, culture, and countries globally. Diversity refers to understanding that each person is unique and recognizing such individual differences. My organization has 40 employees drawn from diverse backgrounds, and we are planning a diversity day to promote diversity, as discussed in this review.

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A celebration of the diversity day will enable my organization to celebrate our different backgrounds because we have a team drawn from different cultures, races, and minorities. My idea is to improve the understanding of different backgrounds, what is common, and how our differences can be understood as a strength instead of a weakness.

One of the ways is visiting an exhibition fair dedicated to numerous cultures. The visit will inspire the employees to develop things, like cuisine or art, that might enhance their desire to learn more about that activity in the chosen culture. The employees who might be interested in a culture that is not within the exhibition fair will use technology like virtual reality to enable the to have an individualized closeup of their chosen culture.

Secondly, religion is an essential weave that binds and shapes the morality of individuals. As such, the teams will learn about different faiths. Finding such a common ground among faiths will assist the employees in bridging their religious differences. They will also learn and understand about the diverse beliefs, their cultural importance, histories, and traditions of people.

To finalize the day, the organization will sponsor a movie night that appreciates gender roles and from a mixture of cultures. Hollywood has a diverse selection, but to ensure that employees appreciate other industries, they will watch from a diverse range, like Nollywood or Bollywood. This will enable the teams to understand cultures, changing gender roles, and traditions; aspects which are described vividly through the cinemas and films, thus providing the employees with a window to explore distant places.

I will use a coordinated campaign across the various departments within the organization. Heads of departments will be charged with the responsibility of creating awareness among their team. They will do this using fliers and questionnaires, which will be distributed within groups. The leaflets will contain an introduction to cultures and pictorials depicting what will be explored. The questionnaire will make the exercise more inclusive by gaining the employee's insight on what should be included or dropped in the activities.

Secondly, the information technology department will theme all the computing resources with the upcoming event. The various television sets within the offices will cover the details of the activity at regular intervals. The company will also use its social media platform by posting the event on the company Facebook account. The IT department will also create a WhatsApp group and include everyone before the event to discuss the activities. Lastly, each employee will receive a detailed email about the dates, roles, and activities.


To ensure that everyone learned, teams will be selected randomly from the 40 employees in groups of 5. Each group will discuss the details of the day, highlighting the most important things they learned and would wish to be adopted within the workplace. They will then be required to select one representative in each group to present to all the employees what was discussed. The teams will be encouraged to share pictures of them participating in diverse events with the best ones being used as wallpapers for the company's screens and journal. Sharing these events will be a fun activity and a way of making sure that everyone learns what they did not manage to cover during the day. All the art done by the employees will be hanged on the company's walls ad throughout the week, and the employees will be asked a random question about diverse cultures.

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