Essay Sample on Discovering My Career Path: A Journey from China to Canada

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Date:  2023-09-17


Careers encourage a distinctive line of interests in people where people prefer to follow what motivates them and equally offers an income when executed in line of duty. I come from China, graduated from Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management. Being outgoing, thus meeting many people whom I like communicating with is my character with equal love for travelling and listening to music (Brown, 2012). Birkman identifies me unique in character and behaviour as my source of motivation is well defined with my ability to communicate, which is an excellent strength linked direction on high performance. Career explore a big step that is based on first assessing yourself in the direction of your career choice, which aid to capitalize on the unique preferences resulting in success in job performance and satisfaction.

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When we take an education path, we are destined to pursue a job that relates with who believe to be and our passions which align us with our fundamental perceptions. Personality insights motivate us to navigate targeting a professional role in life based on our satisfaction and interests. Birkman gives an overview of our character profile, strengthening our blind spots and career data to help in our career growth which we find fulfilling and match our personality. Careers are guided by core values that go in line with your duties; thus, my preference for restlessness as top value as focus attention and seeking varied activities. Restlessness activates you to concentrate and balance routine with less distraction as one can easily handle the external pressure. Again, Assertiveness as a key figure as it points out on the tendency to express yourself and cleanly speak your ideas with openness and forcefully in line with your career demands (Murphy et al. 1996). Lastly, social energy can be considered as a value as I need to create an image that enables ease to approach and relate with people with a preference to complete tasks in a group or through team participation.

Career Calling

A calling to a field of operation is best defined when you feel drawn or attracted to perform a certain kind of work and your interests feel well-matched and tied up to your work (Cochran, 1983). The spectrum on job persuasion is viewed as basically a way to gain finances, but it's more than that when you incite your zeal and passion for accomplishing your career assignments. My reliable call as a Real Estate dealer is all my education and interests best match to as its involvement and job execution major on my identity strengths. I consider this field the best career path as communication is a core requirement to be in the field, and my character best exposes me as passionate about communication in various areas of life.

The preference in travelling can be termed as passion and love for adventure where Real Estate setting requires travelling and investing, building and reaching out to people on what we offer at large (Brown, 2012). The daily routine of the job career is the best fit for me as my identity associates me with being restless which is due to my focus and attention to reflect and adjust on programs and routine that are linked to my career. There are several steps which guide me to my career line which include; to discover my natural strengths and interests, acquire useful interview tips on my character and behaviour and lastly gain an organizational culture bring incite the best of me.


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