Essay Sample on Difference Between Cliques and Crowds

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Date:  2022-10-24


A clique is a composition of stereotyped close friends defined by a shared common goal or activity. Its member composition is as large as ten members and as less as three people. Also, the components of a clique are defined by characteristic features of same-sex, have a similar ethnic background, or age. Cliques are essential in that they help their members develop communication skills and develop leadership skills. On the other hand, a crowd is a large collectivity of people at a specific location and within a given time and which is impersonal and who are attending a common activity (Ashford, LeCroy, & Lortie, 2010). It is larger than a clique and may go beyond twenty people.

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Peer Pressure and Conformity in Dating and Romantic Relationships in Adolescence

Peer pressure is a strong feeling that guides adolescents into doing actions guided by or influenced by other members of a specific group. It aids in determining the course of action for adolescents that engage in dating relationships. For instance, the pressure affects dating adolescents by plunging them into more problems since dating is not done for the normative purpose (Van Zantvliet, Ivanova, & Verbakel, 2018). Therefore, such individuals cannot conform to the expected deeds of being in a relationship.

Reflection on Secure and Insecure Parent Attachment

During my middle school or junior, and high school years, I had a secure relationship and attachment with my parents. Undoubtedly, this attachment was significant in that the parent help develop essential socialization skills and at the same time maintain health proximity with other people (Kerns, Brumariu, 2014). The attachment is critical for improving self-esteem and skills to deal with emotions.

However, the secure attachment with the parents did not affect friendships with peers. Instead, it was instrumental in helping to develop healthy relationships with my friends and peers. For instance, parental care equips one with skills to maintain friendships at all levels. Also, parents help one deal with strong emotions as well as impulses that may be present in a peer group (Coste, N.d). Therefore, parent relationship and attachment was instrumental in my capacity to form friendships and relationships with others.


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