Essay Sample on Depression, Panic and Job Loss: Sources of Struggles Beyond Boundary Problems

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Date:  2022-12-28

Firstly, a lot of people go through depression because they fail to set proper boundaries. Failure to set boundaries leads to them being abused. Secondly, disorders arising from panic are a symptom of failing to develop boundaries. A large percentage of people end up panicking as a result of not having control over what is happening in their lives.

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Sources Other than Boundary Problems that Contribute to Symptoms or Struggles

Psychological stress resulting from the loss of a job if that was the only dependable job the client used to acquire basic needs. Psychological stress leads to one having suicidal thoughts as the only option.

Barriers to Creating Boundaries I identify in the Client's Life

Injury of the past, the client is supposed to look at a particular way in which boundaries were not permitted to grow. Guilt, control, and abuse manipulation are all responsible for hindering the growth of boundaries (Cloud, 1996). Furthermore, if the boundaries are not well developed as a result of past injury, more injury will still exist. Distorted thinking, on the other hand, a client is supposed to clear distorted thing in the area of responsibility and bonding.

Specific Strategy or Intervention to Help the Client Learn to Set Boundaries

The client should gain awareness about his or her personality through being aware of their own body, abilities, thoughts, behaviors limits, attitudes, and choices. Evaluating the client's journey of life enables one clarifies whether progress is being made. The client should avoid playing the victim by making personal choices and taking responsibility for the kind of choices made by owning them.

Objectives and Action Steps

The objective is to help the client in establishing healthy boundaries to learn who they are. Secondly, I will help the client learn how to relate well with others by increasing relationships that are supportive, safe and respectful. Action steps include, the establishment of guidance and counseling sessions will be helpful to the client as there would be one on one interaction with the counselor who will guide him or her accordingly (Cloud, 1996).

How I will assess and Evaluate Effectiveness of My Work with the Client to Help Achieve this Goal over Time

I will ensure that the client fully cooperates and attends the guiding and counseling sessions that play a role in ensuring that there is a positive impact on the life of the client. Evaluating the client's attendance in counseling sessions is necessary to know whether the client's attendance is in line with objectives. If there is a positive result and the client's feelings and attitudes, for instance, improvement in emotional health, self-respect, and strength are indicators that progress is being made.


Cloud, H. (1996). Changes that heal: How to understand your past to ensure a healthier future. Zondervan.

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