Essay Sample on Demographics of Social Vulnerability

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Date:  2022-04-13


Social vulnerability is a situation where individuals or even organizations cannot endure the results of many stressors that they get expressed to. The effects of these stressors are due to the inherent characteristics of institutions, organizations, social interactions and cultural value systems. However, those who are socially vulnerable are likely to have effects from disaster events that is they are not likely to recover thus they are most likely to die. Economic loss and human suffering that have a relation with public assistance and provision of social services after decreasing a disaster the social vulnerability are adequately addressed (Cutter, 2016).

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Mitigation is a measure that is used to reduce emergency situations from happening thus reduces the damaging results of happenings that are unavoidable. Disaster damage cycle repeated damage, and reconstruction is easy to be broken through effective mitigation thus the managers can use it to eradicate the damages that are likely to be caused by disasters in an institution or organization. The managers can manage this by risk analysis that gives the information including building codes establishment and barrier construction like zoning requirements and levees. Some insurances like flood insurance are used for the protection of homeowner investment since floods cause damages. Organizations use this insurance to lessen the communities' or individual's financial losses in case of such a disaster.

Preparedness - is always used by the society to increase their responding ability in case a disaster occurs. Therefore it can be defined as a cycle that involves, planning, training, organizing, evaluating, exercising, equipping and taking the best action that will ensure effective coordination in response to an emergency. A manager should ensure that preparedness exists while working on contingencies. They can do that by the development of understanding memorandums, equal aid agreement, training the response personnel and the people concerned, offering campaigns on hazards education and performing disaster exercises that offer typical preparedness (Cutter, 2016). Lack of preparedness would make people be affected by a social vulnerability in case of a disaster since readiness focuses on the procedures to use in case of a disaster.

Response - is the efficient coordination of the available resources that are enhanced by a well-prepared emergency plan that may have been developed during the preparedness phase. Response applies immediately an emergency event occurs and involves some activities that will address the direct effect of an incident. Emergency managers should always have a ready response team to act on the emergency. That will help in reducing the loss of lives, personal injury, property damage and other unfavorable outcomes that may result from social vulnerability (Haddow, Bullock & Coppola, 2017). Lack of immediate response to an emergency will lead to all avoidable damages.

Recovery- involves returning things to a state that is nearly normal or normal. The process includes restoring basic services as you repair social, economic and physical damages. Some of the recovery actions that managers should work on rebuilding critical facilities, roads, and bridges, offering financial help to individuals and the government. A manager who is not socially vulnerable should get involved in the recovery process after an emergency has occurred after the response phase. The manager should use the recovery phase immediately an emergency has occurred since it involves restoration and development of the impacted community (Haddow, Bullock & Coppola, 2017). Those managers who are socially vulnerable, are likely to make the society suffer for not taking the right recovery steps.


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