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I believe that advertising is one way to a campaign war room, and that calls for sober strategizing and also decision making. A good campaign strategy will be able to recognize the reality of the campaign and the border context on which the campaign will be run. Additionally, the strategies that I will propose, if the appropriate goals are focused and attained, then winning the election will be inevitable

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Advertising Plan

To formulate and implement a campaign strategy, I will be driven by the anticipated and set vote goals or targets for the election. The latter will be advised by the estimates of who and how many will participate in the coming elections. Also, I will factor in the possibility of presidential elections coincidence which translates to higher turnouts. Finally, in determining the overall vote's targets, I will consider swing and persuadable votes.

Campaign Strategies

Approach to the strategies will be hinged on the campaign ads, attracting the attention of media, engaging in demonstrations, marches, rallies and possibly other forms of mass meetings.

Coattail Strategy

This is a strategy which describes the impact or popular candidate, defines on other candidates who are in the same election. The excitement of the elections helps in either increasing the turnout of voters or may incline to vote a straight party ticket (Ignacio, Lobo, and Lago-Penas 20). This is the first strategy that I will propose that my client adopts. Its success depends on his or her political affiliation and the party's position in the elections. A strong coattail effect ends up in a wave election where one major political party secures the wins substantially more as compared to the others. Financially, this strategy I believe will require the least funding like $100, 000 because it's determined by the prevailing wave. Historically, this strategy was adopted by Trump when he assisted most of the Republicans to get the majority seats in both the Senate and the house. Therefore, Trump provided a way of coattails that saw most people get to the finish line. The effect saw him achieve and maintain a strong senate and house majority.

The second strategy is campaign advertising through social media, radio, use of posters and TV announcements. The strategy is of importance today because political parties are fundamentally brand platforms and thus as a candidate you are the product. Given today's social landscape, public figures are not any different than extensive brand names. Moraski assert that the inner working of the political party will be enhanced and organized with Tweets, blog posts or Instagram posts (576). In addition to radio and TV, social media platforms serve as a good strategy to guarantee success. In terms of funding, this strategy will require 500,000 dollars to reach out to every person within the political boundary effectively. Historically, the strategy was well perfected in U.S last elections cycles. Another example is the one of Kamala Harris on black women lead the event, where she kept her posts events every time to influence people to elect progressive leaders.

Finally, the use of literature like flyers, push cards or brochures to help educate voters. As a strategy, the literature will serve to match the candidate's branding and also tell the story. As a strategy they will be able to answer five crucial questions; when what, who, why and were about the candidate. The balance of $500,000 will be used in this strategy for its efficiency and effectiveness in ensuring all the people can answer the five questions. Historically, in every other election, written literature is always used. However, Obama's campaign is known for using this strategy among many that they employed. The strategy is very effective and ethical because it purely passes the candidate's message.

Works Cited

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Moraski, Bryon J. "Reverse coattail effects in undemocratic elections: an analysis of Russian locomotives." Democratization 24.4 (2017): 575-593.

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