Essay Sample on Cultures: Different Forms of Communication Around the World

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In the world, there are different forms of cultures that are present. These cultures have different ways of living that distinguish each one of them from one another. One of these elements is communication. Every culture has a way that they communicate with one another. There are different modes of communication that have been developed. The main modes of communication are the nonverbal communication and verbal communication. These tow modes of communication can be used by various cultures. Communication is important because it helps the individual to express themselves to one another. Emotion is an example of an issue that most individuals would want to express to their colleagues. Expressing emotions is important because it helps to understand the kind of situation that a person is undergoing and decide whether the person can be helped or not. The difference in culture brings out the variation in how people can express themselves. This paper will focus on cultural difference and how emotion can be expressed.

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Different cultures have different ways that they can express their emotions. One of these ways is through facial expression. Facial expression is one most common methods that human beings can express their emotions mainly through the face. This expression plays a significant role during communication. Different types of facial expression can be used to show various emotions that an individual is experiencing. Different people can use various forms of facial expressions. One of these expressions is smiling. Individuals from certain cultures will smile when they are expressing happiness while there are others who will not. The other form of facial expression is frowning. Frowning is mostly used by different people to show that they are bored or angry with something. Also, gazing is used by various people to show expression their emotions. Some people will gaze to show that they are surprised at something. Facial expression tends to vary due to the difference in the culture of various people. For example, certain cultures are perceived less likely to exhibit negative emotions such as the Japanese people. These people will always exhibit positive emotions at any time even when someone has done something wrong to them (Stephan et al., 1998). On the other hand, certain individuals might show negative emotions through frowning even when there have not been wronged. An example of such a culture is the American culture.

The second way that culture is related to the expression of emotions is through social interaction. Social interaction refers to engaging with different people on different platform (Nye, 2006). The way that a person expressed him or herself in a social setting will represented his view of ideas. Some individuals might belong to certain cultural groups that have been discriminated for a certain period. An example of such a group are the blacks. The whites have discriminated most of the blacks due to their culture. This issue plays a significant role in how these individuals will express themselves in social interactions. For example, when a black person is interacting with a white individual, he or she will find it hard to express the emotion for fear of victimization. Therefore, these individuals will not have the opportunity to express themselves.

Anger is the third method that human beings can use to express their emotions. One of the way that this expression can be done is through the use of hand body and body gestures (Reyes et al., 2018). There are various gestures that human beings can use to pass various information. The use gestures tend to vary depending on the culture of a person. For instance, there are some gestures that can be the same but imply a different issue because of the variation in culture. In most cases, the gesture is used to show anger. For example, there are people from certain cultures whom when they become angry or frustrated, they will express their emotion by throwing up their hands. On the contrary, there are some cultures whereby an individual will remain calm event when frustrated. Other people when they become angry, they will use their body language.

The next method that people express their emotions is through crying. Crying is mostly used when individuals are expressing a sad emotion (Mesquita, Boiger & De Leersnyder 2016). This expression varied according to different cultures. There are some people from certain cultures who will find it hard to cry even though they have been faced with a tough or a hard situation. However, there are others that are easy to let down their tears.

Communication is the other way that people can use to express their emotions. Different cultures have come up with an approach that individuals can communicate and express their feeling well. As a result, there are some cultures whereby an individual will express their feeling of being communicating and saying how they fell about something or an activity. On the contrary, people from other cultures will find it somehow difficult to talk to someone about how they feel. Therefore, these individuals will remain conservation to the emotions that they are experiencing.

Fear is another emotion that can be expressed by human beings. This emotion can be expressed in different ways and varies depending on the culture of individuals. There are some cultures whereby individuals will express fear through energized muscles (Park et al. 2015). When these individuals are faced by fear, they will be shocked and try to move their muscles in a way that tries to move them from the fear. However, some individuals might not move an inch when faced with fear.


Concluding, it is true to say that cultural difference is one of the main element that affect how individuals express their emotion. There are different emotion that human experience daily. As a result, they need to communicate these emotions so that they situation can be understood. This paper identified facial expression as one of the methods that can be used to express emotion. Facial expression entails different factors such as smiling which shows happiness, frowning to show happiness and gazing to indicate that someone is surprised. The second method that the paper identified was through social interaction where individual from cultures that have been despised will find it hard to interact with other people. Next, the paper discussed anger as the other method that can be used to express emotions. Many people will show anger through gestures while some will use different body languages. The other issue was crying whereby, there are members from certain cultures who will express emotion this way to depict a sad situation. Fear was the other emotion that was identified and it is mostly depicted through energized muscles when try to move away from the fear.


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