Essay Sample on Christianity vs. Science: Exploring Nature from Different Perspectives

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Christianity and science are both major ways of exploring and interpreting the natural world; this involves differences in assumptions, worldviews, and conclusions. The differences have helped in understanding nature as it is expressed and explored in different perspectives. From the history, science and Christianity have had different ideas as well as polarizing opinions in ways they perceive nature. Secular psychologists provide their views based on a humanistic worldview which is different radically to that of Christians. Secular psychological theories operate on a line of the biopsychosocial method of development of human and behavior. It views human development as an influence from psychological, social and biological factors. Therefore, according to psychological and research worldview, human is a product of our environment and biology, and they both have significant influence. Christianity influences our life even though Christian psychologists do not provide sufficient theories to support naturalism. Therefore, secular psychological theories remain of great importance (Chmielewski & Beste 2019). The paper explores the differences in science, Christianity and ethics regarding secular humanism.

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Compatibility of Christianity and Psychology Research

Science and faith are two different physiological worldviews, and their different perception has helped in discovering and understanding nature. It has been found that the main factor of psychology is a concept based on humanistic psychology. Therefore, Christiania views do not have a role to play in this part; their research is based on biblical stories and spiritual evidence. Ph.D. research on psychology provides essential knowledge in the observation of human development and behavior that can be used by Christians to integrate with biblical concepts. Secular institutions offer all the studies from a non-biblical worldview perspective; therefore, Christians have the role in differentiating non-biblical principles that encompass these studies from principles of Christianity and use the knowledge in a Biblical honoring manner. (Andrews et al. 2017) The Christian belief and the application of biblical scriptures is perhaps the most significant difference between science and Christian psychology. Christians worldview is determined by the written scriptures, it views clients as individuals who need the Lord, but their understanding of the mental disorders and illnesses is based upon a Christian -oriented worldview. This results in a therapeutic application that utilizes the scriptures to provide healing and give glory to God. A Ph.D. researcher utilizes the biopsychosocial model regarding human nature. The researcher focuses on learning the complexities of humanity that helps in providing better methods of serving clients. The influence from the environment on one's personality, human brain intricacies, and cultural or social effects on human life depict that pathology is a factor that cannot be compared with issues to deal with morality.

On the other hand, Christianity acknowledges the fact that human nature is inherently isolated from God; this causes sin, disorder, and illness of any kind. Research and Christianity differ in a way that researchers cannot reduce pathology into a realistic model of humanity. Researchers work on an idle ground- a practice that uses a biopsychosocial and spiritual model that considers depravity and dignity as humans.

In other cases, there is a scientist who proposes that research in psychology and Christianity are compatible, in most of the evangelical and Roman Catholic believers, science and faith are viewed as supplements to each another in ways of understanding. Both science and Christianity have inquiries regarding nature, but the assumptions and methods differ. Besides the common goal, the two perceptions pose a challenge on one another; this helps to maintain logical integrity. To capture the entire picture of the postmodern world, the disciplines remain on opposite sides since they are complementary but have different opinions and methods. Scientist believes that Christians have to refer to Christ and for this reason; they do not need psychologists for they have a belief that anxiety and depression can be healed through prayer alone. Psychological skills and knowledge have much power in understanding metal issues and treating them. Even though the power of prayer is not conflicted and the Lord can take part in supernaturally healing any illness, it worth to mention that God accomplishes this through medical doctors and psychologists. This principle applies entirely in the area of problems regarding psychologic; God chose to help people through psychologists.

Compatibility of Christian Worldview and Psychology Research Ethics

Psychology is offering their services to their clients in various ways; through therapy, counseling, research and more. All these services are offered in line with the psychologist's culture, training ethics, and experience. Most of the psychologists think that during service delivery one may not be competent enough if religious views and beliefs are considered in their ethical practices, professionalism or value of the system. It, however, believed that combining Christian worldview and the field of psychology can help in establishing intellectual truth as well as biblical.

The Integration of Christianity and secular psychology ethics is of significant influence in scientific research. Secularized psychology made an argument that research is a technical process that involved in the field of psychology. It cannot be evaluated accurately from a Christian perception since the spirituality associated with human do not affect its behavior considering how biology and the environment define it. However, it has been found that Christian concept impacts human behavior but not necessarily satisfying life. Christian who has specialized in the field of psychology does have a scripture that is based on their practices, this put into consideration the middle ground method of approach in regard to humanity that comprises of spirituality condition of human, it also utilizes ethical issues of secular techniques; it also appreciates research programs in the field of psychology.

The Christian worldview also considers operating on this concept of middle-ground of the human condition. The culture of human is shaped by environmental factors, biology, social encounters, and culture. Christian perception regarding middle-ground appreciates all the facets related to humanity, spirituality and considers ethics as well as putting more focus on dignity (Charry & Kosits 2017).

Secular methods are of great importance as they can help in identifying many symptoms from a person caused by mental disorders and illnesses. The secular method which does not disrupt Christian worldview can aid in handling the symptoms and eradicating provision of services of that kind from its application is a case of incompetence in the field of psychology. A research study in the field of psychology is of great importance in solving complex human mental issues, and it provides transparency in understanding mental illnesses. Christianity is not clear on what step to make. Research in psychology Is an essential component of human life.

In some cases, the church has become an obstacle in psychological research findings or criticize its findings. Integration of psychology and Christian theology share fundamental metaphysics and ethical issues. The two recognize that ethics and what we are as complex factors and they seek to understand and assist in promoting the myriad emotional and mental challenges experienced by the people. Therefore, it is clear that they both have similar goals but different approaches which sometimes causes difficulties and oppositions. Integrating the two perspectives is difficult because of their many differences and level of confidence and criticism within the two disciplines. Both Christian theologians and psychologists confirm the intrinsic motivation value and how much it worth to human beings. Researchers in the field of psychology apply the therapeutic connection itself as a way of providing clients with the necessary treatment or healing whereas the Christians focus on the significance of the community and the church. People are also believed to be innately ethical and can identify what is right and wrong. Theology teaches about the free will of humans, and scientific researchers understand the ability for one to make a choice is crucial in any process of counseling.

The Extent to Which Christian Worldview Should Influence Research Type and Ethics

The main aim of research in psychology is to provide counseling based on therapeutic interventions regarding the general concept of psychological deals with issues that are based on evidence or symptoms. The Christian worldview is open to criticizing these approaches from its perspective by critiquing it; however, this freedom is limited to specific types of research for instance when dealing with complex mental illnesses that essentially require a psychologist. Such instances are often found incompatible with Christian perception, and for this reason, it should not be considered relevant in the research.

It may be relevant to refer to themes available from the biblical scriptures in the case where an individual or client condition is found to be compatible therefore biblical approaches can only be utilized within some limits especially in the environment where counseling is of the essence. Three are particular expressions and understanding of the by the Christian faith that should be limited to the way they impact psychological research and ethics (Haque 2018). IIt should only be applicable in areas where these perceptions promote the application of therapeutic approaches. The ethics of sovereign psychology when it comes to the room of counseling, there is a compatible integration between Christian as a faithful person and determined to offer the best psychological services to the client. Christian command s is believed to earnestly serve others effectively to the best of the ability of a psychologist, God enables the psychologist to achieve this goal, and there should be no intervention of Christian perceptions beyond this point. Research and ethics are essential in the field of psychology; it involves critiquing and testing of facts. In cases where Christian perceptions are involved in critiquing, it is crucial to consider the limits of each approach. Some types of research that are more critical tend to limit perceptions regarding faith and biblical references because they may bring different understanding or isolation of important aspects that would have been identified through the research and maintaining of ethical issues in research protocols.

Most researchers and therapists have ample potentials to differences and can glorify the will of God and provide significant changes within the boundaries of therapeutic interventions; this practice should not be limited to Christian views or concerns to promote expansion and exploration of more facts in the psychological world. Christian worldview should be focused on creating more opportunities and positive change to the community, learning institutions and more especially research as well as the whole world of psychology. The influence of a Christian perspective should be obstacles to aspiring for better therapies to promote better services in the field of psychology (Entwistle 2015).

Research and testimonies from some professional psychologists propose that secular interventions in symptom abatement are usually successful and the ultimate results do not rely on the Lord, sanctification or salvation. Without eliminating the...

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