Essay Sample on Business Improvement Project - Pierre Frankel in Moscow

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Date:  2022-11-06


Pierre Frankel was a young and prospective French executive in an international technology company. He was deployed to Moscow as the deputy managing director to improve fortunes at the Russia franchise company; H-IT. He was under instruction to report to the franchise's managing director and to corporate. The essay will explore his undertakings at the company and further look at his successes and failures.

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Frankel was posted in Russia to transform the organisation into a fast-paced and profitable one. However, he received a form of hostile reception as other employees viewed him like an outsider since he was not familiar with anyone. Other reasons for the hostile reception was the company's top-down hierarchy, use of informal networks, authoritarian administration, and a deficiency of transparency. He also had some shortcomings like failing to create a steady relationship with Lebedev who was the head of the Russian branch. Besides, he tried too hard at the onset of his tenure like insisting his office being next to Lebedev's and leaving his wife at home which resulted in him travelling a lot and missing some events (Cummings, Bridgman & Brown, 2016).

Facing numerous challenges in his work, he sought the support of the head of the Human Resources department and a friend of the director and appointed a native Russian who was qualified and had experience living abroad. Moreover, he concentrated on achieving small goals such as the creation of forums, integrating the team and giving the employees room to express themselves. Frankel was visionary and persistent, determined, strong-willed and confident. He singled out three vital areas for improvement. They included growing business certainty, improving sales effectiveness and focusing on fundamental internal procedures. For him to bring the transformation that was expected from him, he had to change how employees worked and foster a favourable working environment that had a strong focus on collaboration and trust (Hussain, Lei, Akram, Haider, Hussain & Ali, 2018).


Conclusively, the essay has focused on leadership skills and value of teamwork at the management level like Frankel's position as the deputy managing director. He was adept at identifying areas of concern such as failure to follow company guidelines and bad debts. His leadership style was relationship-oriented and democratic evidenced by ensuring a pleasant working environment and establishing trust among the employees as opposed to Lebedev's authoritarian style.


Cummings, S., Bridgman, T., & Brown, K. G. (2016). Unfreezing change as three steps: Rethinking Kurt Lewin's legacy for change management. human relations, 69(1), 33-60.

Hussain, S. T., Lei, S., Akram, T., Haider, M. J., Hussain, S. H., & Ali, M. (2018). Kurt Lewin's change model: A critical review of the role of leadership and employee involvement in organizational change. Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, 3(3), 123-127.

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