Essay Sample on Burberry: British Luxury Fashion House Since 1856

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Date:  2023-01-04


Burberry is a British luxury fashion house that is situated in London, England. It is a widespread fashion house that mainly focuses on the distribution of outdoor attire like trench coats, fashion accessories like sunglasses, perfumes, and cosmetics. It is a public limited company that was founded by Thomas Burberry, who was a former draper's apprentice, in 1856 in Basingstoke, England. It is a worldwide company that uses the website. Burberry is a well-ranked brand among the leading brands, and it goes hand in hand with Louis Vuitton and Prada. These brands together with the rest serve as competitors to Burberry brand. It has many stores around the world thus requires a website for its marketing strategies, performance ratings, decision-making strategies, solving problems related to products, meeting customers' demands, etc.

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This research paper was done to bring to light the Burberry website, what it stands for and what it does. The paper seeks to analyses it concerning its goals, objectives and market position. The link between business intelligence and web analytics is sought to be established and how to improve the business performance of the website as well.

Analysis of Website

The website is tasked in ensuring that the supply chain activities ensure that there is stimulation of demand for more sustainable raw materials, improving the wellbeing of workers and customers by proper ethical trading practices, minimal environmental impacts from their products, receiving feedback from the customers on their services, and marketing the product, etc. The Burberry website will be analyzed in the form of its goals and objectives of the website. Also, its market will also be analyzed (Chen, Chiang, and Storey, 2012).


  • To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their homepage. This is to ensure that the bounce rate of reduced as well as easy and fast searching of the product that they are looking for.
  • To increase the learnability of the users. This is to ensure that users can accomplish simple tasks like signing in, checking for new arrivals, purchasing of products, etc.
  • To raise the awareness of the brand together with the customer's interaction
  • The attraction of new users or visitors and also maintaining and increasing returning or frequent visitors.
  • Promotion of online campaigns inclusive of the Art of Trench and Burberry Acoustic brands
  • Growth in the social media platforms and its importance to the brand.
  • Add online and retail sales that are seen with the rise in the engagement of the sites micro conversions.


  • To decrease the bounce rate of products purchased by users.
  • To lower the loading time as compared to those of competitive brands
  • To raise the time on site for the customer
  • An increase in the monthly visits to the Art of Trench and Burberry Acoustic products
  • To increase micro conversions of the site.

The Burberry Website Actions on Its Goals and Objectives

Bounce rate

The bounce rate of the Burberry website is high at a 46% rate. This is moderately good, but it is higher when compared to its competitors. The bounce rate of any website indicates whether the websites are performance is doing well. With a high bounce rate, this shows that the website is not as interesting to the users and thus not need staying in it (Chen, Chiang, and Storey, 2012). However, if it is lower than it is performing well, this should, therefore, be reduced by increasing the websites' readability, it should be a storytelling website that is interesting with fresh material to capture the attention of the users.

Loading time

Loading time is the time the website takes in giving responses to the demands of the user. The loading time in the Burberry website is longer than the other competitive websites with a timeline of about 6.06 minutes. This is a very long time that is taken by adverts and videos that take up the users precious time, and he/ she cannot achieve their goal of purchasing products (Clifford, 2012). This can be solved by using photographs rather than long videos as they take up less time. This will also act to increase the time on site for the customer together with reducing the bounce rates.

The Art of Trench

The art of trench was launched at the end of 2009 under the leadership of Christopher Bailey. This brand grained a lot of popularity and increased the number of frequent visits to the website. On the other hand, in 2015, the brand started decreasing, and this year it registered the highest drop in several visits due to high loading time that led to increased bounce rate (Clifford, 2012).

The Burberry Acoustic

This is a digital campaign that was founded in 2010 and is greatly seen to engage with its audience through its investment in music. It appreciates British acoustic music as a genre as the videos promote the Burberry products such as clothes, accessories, and cosmetics worn by the artists who film the videos in different parts of England (Phan and Thomas, Heine, 2011). It is thus the first brand to get an apple music channel these videos have many views thus increasing the popularity of these products together with the artists' music.

Micro conversions

This is a small action used by the website, for example, the newsletters subscribe, free trials, sign-ups, lead magnet downloads on visitors to a site to complete the primary conversion goal. Since visitors rarely make purchases in their first visit thus with proper micro conversions leads to sales of products. These micro conversions help to understand the behavior of the visitor, analysis of key areas which they focus in, allow the nurturing of leads and build communication channels.

Market Analysis

Since the 1920s Burberry products have aimed at achieving durability and luxury, these have remained constant as it is a major factor that boosts its current position in the market. It is focused on particular price points and brackets of users, and it does not aim at just being a classic brand. It aims to fill the gaps found in the market and remaining true to its essential values and heritage to the brand. Burberry brand position is rated with luxury brands such as Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Armani. Many stores have been opened especially in leading countries like London which has improved it's the brand's uniqueness, credibility, reliability, and extension, etc. its products have become a trademark in the society.

Through its marketing communication, awareness of its great image and lifestyle have become widespread to buyers, media and retail clients. These marketing strategies are usually managed in London by a team that uses advertising, fashion shows, and editorial placement for marketing the brand to maintain its logical identity. There are checker points that bring about brand equity. Celebrities, movie stars, socialites, explorers, and even politicians follow this checker points and use these brand to show it's luxury and superiority.

On the contrary, it's market position is at risk of dropping since the market and current trends are constantly changing. Since Burberry aims for luxury thus affecting both the rich and the poor since the rich are at liberty of shopping at any place, and the poor cannot afford them (William, 2010). They are thus left with their loyal customers who are also faced with challenges due to their bounce rates and loading time. This forces them to look at Burberry's many competitors. Also the brand relies on Burberry check for its sales which should be subject to change since as a consistent brand image should be created.

Business Intelligence and Web Analytics

Business intelligence is the computer-based techniques that are used in identifying, extracting and analysis of business information such as revenues, costs, and incomes of products. Business intelligence provides historical, current and predictive operational business views. It functions to report online analytical processing, data and process mining, business performance management, benchmarking, etc. It mainly aims to support decision making in the business. On the other hand, web analytics is the measurement, gathering, analysis, and reporting of web data for purposes of comprehending and optimizing web data. Focus is given to identifying measures depending on organizational and user goals who use the website data to determine the prosperity of failure of these aims. It also focuses on improving the drive strategy and users experience.

Both are almost similar, but they are different in that their thoughts of specialization in each domain and that business intelligence is made by large technological solutions like a cube which are distributed by leading software names. It lacks consistency and standards. Collection of data and different sources is done by clients whose projects are time-consuming, large and expensive. Web analytics, data is collected externally, standardization of problems is processed with specific solutions for the problem. They are managed by editors and are easy to comprehend by the clients. The web interface provides the support that can be used by all services within a company and not just a few.

Both can be used by Burberry to improve its website the The two are different but can be used together in Burberry to leverage capabilities and skills. This can be achieved through the following functions:

Situational usage

They both function in reporting even though it varies with different business scenarios and data. Burberry website requires constant checking of trends or the Burberry checkpoint for the increase in sales. The website is thus involved in pop up, and clients are required to check trends in the market frequently (Clow, 2013). They are required to use web analytics as it performs on specific reports and if the company is focused on future data trends that rely on the previous data. Burberry can also use business intelligence since they collect large amounts of data from the warehouse which is the London brand and draft reports to manage it. The company also required to arrange data and track targeted sales and delivery to increase their knowledge.

Debugging methods

Debugging entails searching and eliminating malfunctioning elements and errors in computer programs. Since Burberry uses the website debugging is important to eliminate viruses or malfunctioning programs which may slow down or corrupt the website. Business intelligence deals with debugging historical data, and the end user needs whereas analytics debug as per the proposed form so that data can be converted into a format that is meaningful (Clow, 2013). Burberry website can use both to ensure that historical data is safe from malfunctioning as well as convert the data into a meaningful format for easy understanding of the clients.

Position in the market

Businesses are becoming more data dependent and data analysis will be highly crucial in decision making for it. Technological functions dominate business intelligence, but data analytics build systems for insights in reality. Technologies have been invented by web analytics for handling complex data, data analysis, cleansing and custom reporting. This functions will aid the Burberry website in maintaining its position in the market above its competitors.


Business intelligence aims to establish high-quality methods of information delivery for the whole organization by ensuring one version of the truth. It aims at assessing the specific details of a situation and check on the significance of decision makers together with other data-driven teams. For Burberry, this would be important especially in decisions such as reduction o...

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