Essay Sample on Benefits of Safety and Health Management for Workplace: Save B$ & Prevent Suffering

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Date:  2023-01-12


I choose to write about this topic to create awareness to organizations on the benefits of Safety and Health Management System at the Workplace stating on some of its benefits thus expound on the need to put the effort in enhancing safety and health of the workers.

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At the Workplace not only do injuries, fatalities or illnesses cause to employees immense pain or suffering but even the companies per year would incur wasted billions of dollars to expenses on preventable measures. According to Liberty Mutual's 2012 Workplace Safety Index, it shows in the year 2010 the major incapacitating illnesses or injuries at the Workplace in direct US employee's compensation costs approximated to $51.1 billion (Loeppke, Hohn, Baase, Bunn, Burton, Eisenberg & Hymel, 2015). The essay will discuss the benefits of a Safety and Health Management System at the Workplace.

A safety and health management system it is a part of the company's management policy covering the institution health and safety work policy and organization. Besides it also ensures accident planning processes, ill health prevention, line management duties and practices inclusive of resources to develop and implement, review, and maintain the occupational safety and health system. In implementing an effective method of safety and health management, it has since resulted in a significant reduction in accidents, illness, fatalities, and injuries as it ensures elimination or control of hazards at the Workplace. It has also seen to have more benefits, which besides than covering program implementation costs but to include a significant depletion in direct expenses related to injuries or illness like employee's compensations, medical expenses, and additional insurance claims. The other benefit of the safety policy is that it cuts down on indirect costs brought about by compensation costs or even the accident investigation. It also ensures the organization complies with OSHA regulations reducing risk of employees' complaints and incurred fines linked with noncompliance (Frick, Jensen, Quinlan & Wilthagen, 2000). At the Workplace, a safety and health management system create a workplace culture that is positive improving on workers morale causing high productivity reducing turnover and significant employee satisfaction.

Organizations should be aware that the establishment of safety and health initiative is a profitable measure to take for both the employee and the business, as it does not only hinder occupational illnesses or injuries but boosts on employers' returns on their expenditure(Loeppke, Hohn, Baase, Bunn, Burton, Eisenberg & Hymel, 2015). A safety and health management system is the right thing for any company to have because it results in improving reputation and perceptions amongst customers, investors and business partners following a proactive strategy to employees' health and safety. Safety for everyone does pay, come to think of it the cost of preventing injury is far less than the cost incurred of an injury. A workplace which is safe and healthy retains and attracts even other employees, alternatively having both workers and business prosper in an environment that is respectful, caring, healthy and most of all safe. A safe and healthy company has more productive employees offering quality services, who would not result in absenteeism but return to the office fast after an illness or injury and maintain loyalty to the institution.


It is necessary for a company to have a safety plan comprising of elements to developing a safer workplace. Safety prevents high incurred costs from injuries or illness and consequently enables firms to comply with regulatory requirements. A point to note is that when the management takes action to create a safe and healthy working surrounding, then it can maintain higher levels of efficiency thus great productivity. It is so because the institution would now save on a substantial amount of costs that would have served to deal with issues on illness or injuries at the Workplace thus the dire need of a safety and health management system at the Workplace.


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