Essay Sample on Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Method

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Date:  2022-11-30


The Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) method is a continuous process of improvement that is utilized to enhance the behaviors of workers as well as their intervention skills. The managers use "DO IT" to educate about the principle of BBS to empowered workers who may intervene on behalf of the safety of their workers. The method helps workers to improve their intervention skills continuously. "DO IT" method is a four stage process that defines the behaviors that should improve and those that should be avoided in my current workplace. I work in an oil and gas company where there has been rash with warehousemen (support staff) performing day to day activities in the company.

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Definition of "DO IT" Method

D: Define- Behaviors to target

O: Observe- to gather standard data

I: Intervene- to affect target behaviors

T: Test- to quantify the impact of involvement

The project will start by definition of particular behaviors to the target problem. In this oil company, there are several that should be eliminated. The company has to ensure safe behaviors in this case the supervisor should "D" to stand for those behaviors that need to be targeted. The step will be implemented by making a behavioral checklist that corresponds with the daily operations in the facility. To involve the employees, they should be allowed to carry out this process and include items that they feel need to address. For instance, in my current workplace, we would include items such as communications, ergonomics, permits, work pace, and equipment's inspections (National Safety Council, 2009). Each department will compile the checklist and submit it to the District safety committee.

The next phase is "O" for observation for finding. This phase should be conducted to learn from the employees with their consent. The workers should determine factors such as the checklist to be utilized to conduct observation, the individual to carry them out, how data will be collected and how often, how the workers will analyze the results. The purpose of conducting this BBS in the workplace is to have a safety committee that would address the mentioned issues and present the results to the employees (National Safety Council, 2009).

The third phase called "I" for interventions which are carried out to reduce at-risk behavior or improve safe behavior. Interventions to protect negative issues that occur during observations are implemented to ensure successful implementation of the safety measures. Employees are free to express their views and feedback. There are several cards at my workplace to collect data on the risks, complaints, and recommendations. The cards are confidential since collecting sensitive information in the facility needs privacy as some employees may fear to present data publicly (National Safety Council, 2009).

The last stage "T" stands for testing where the safety committee in my workplace and supervisors analyze the collected data to improve or replace a behavior change intervention. The committee may choose to test a different approach if the already implemented has failed completely. When using the BBS method, the supervisors and safety committee acts as the behavioral scientists (National Safety Council, 2009). When utilizing the method, the participants learn how to identify human issue problems, control the influence of a behavior-change involvement, and refine techniques for continuous improvement. To adopt a safety culture, these interventions are important to any industry. The utilization of the BBS model will also bring change to my current workplace and ensure the adoption of a positive safety culture.


National Safety Council (2009). Supervisors' safety manual (10th ed.). National Safety Council Publishers.

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