Essay Sample on Atradius Organizational and Management Philosophy Adaptation

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"How should Atradius adapt its organizational/management philosophy and staff development to be most receptive and adaptive to a new era of technology?

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An organizational structure plays a vital role in management. Therefore, the types of systems needed may be co-coordination, integration, control, motivation and effective communication (Barney, 2015, p.658). It is important to have organizational chart and levels of hierarchy to manage people. The company should either formal or informal organizational structure. Atradius should avoid pitfalls that are likely to destroy change such as hijack process, ritualization and reinvention. The company should have its unique culture to increase profitability through change (Barney, 2015, p.663). Loyalty and power cultures should be emphasized by the leader to avoid the difficulties experienced (Denison, 2013, p.50). Atradius should adopt the most effective management strategy.


The different between a manager and a leader is based on how they bring change and improve organizational performance. There are various existing bodies of knowledge about leaders like behavioral, traits and contingency approach (Denison, 2013, p.54). People's management may be supervised using Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements. There are different types of management styles such as autocratic, democratic, Laissez-faire and others (Barney, 2015, p.661). The manager may decide to use either motivation or inspiration method. Both improvement and transformational tactics is likely to improve the performance of the organization. People management issues sometimes have a negative impact on businesses, therefore, Atradius Company should embrace the use of the most effective leadership style (Burns & Stalker, 2011, p. 18).

Atradius, should start by preparing all employees and leaders for the intended change. Atradius has been experiencing a decrease in sales over the last three years. The current year sales have decreased drastically by 13% compared to last year 16%. The company sales reduced by 17% in the previous year and the forecast are still alarming in this financial year causing much worry to the new manager (Barney, 2015, p.656). Having started his company ten years ago and an experienced entrepreneur, the CEO at Atradius Company should be more enthusiastic towards establishing change by introducing new products and increasing the sales. There are several people management issues such as failure to reward employees, employee relation, training and development, culture, leadership style and work organization among others (Burns, & Stalker, 2011, p.20). The issues negatively affect the production of organization leading closure, low sales and other loses.

Lack of Corporation or Employee Engagement

The most outstanding people management issue that underpins the difficulties experience in an organization could be lack of corporation among employees. Lack of employee engagement significantly affects the business. The disengagement creates disunity which affects the implementation of new ideas and strategies (Alexis, 2012, p.67). Both junior and senior employees should work hard corporate and work as a team. Employee engagement determines the level of commitment and success of the company. Lack of engagement creates a strong competitive disadvantage which negatively affects the business (Dawson, 2014, p.12). Key areas such as production, quality control department, innovation, marketing and customer relation are affected by the disengagement. Teamwork leads to high productivity and more profits (Schein, 2002, p.65).

Employee Supervision

Employees are likely to take their work seriously and work under minimal supervision when working under as a team. CEO should supervise their employees and monitor their operation. Lack of proper supervision may affect staff performance. However, it is critical to involve other managers in management (Schein, 2002, p.100). CEO is expected to work closely with other leaders to ensure sustainable production. Atradius new strategy may restore the company to its original position and increase the sales. However, both the production and marketing manager are not cooperating with the CEO to implement change. Employees Corporation is imperative and must be embraced to increase productivity (Dawson, 2014, p.12). Besides, every employee should be committed towards service delivery and increase the production of companies (Alexis, 2012, p.67). A manager could experience the management issue due to lack of cooperation from other management departments like production and marketing. The sale agents could not attend training sessions involving new products and had problems accessing essential prospective clients.

Training and Development

Lack of training and development may affect the productivity of a company. Atradius should have started by training all the managers in the respective departments including marketing and production sections. Both senior and junior employees should be trained regularly to enhance production. Creativity and innovation play a vital role in business management (Bridges, 2009, p.230). The CEO should plan for training and capacity building to empower employees. Through training and development, employees will be able to improve their skills, experience, career, and ability (Schein, 2002, p.104). They feel motivated towards achieving certain goals and objectives of the organization. Training prepares employees for a change (Dawson, 2014, p.24).

Trust and Integrity

Mistrust and resistant to change has affected Atradius new strategy. Employees should have integrity and build trust to ensure high performance. The company should came up with a new product that would use high tech simulation in the industry. Besides, the management team had a different opinion on how to initiate the new development (Bridges, 2009, p.54). Besides, staffs should be charismatic and dedicated towards their work. If the CEO realizes that the management is not supporting his new idea and are mistrusting the new idea, he should acknowledged that there is a problem facing the organization.

Employee Retention

Employee relation is likely to affect production positively or negatively. There is a need for mutual understating and respect for human dignity. Poor employee relation has a negative impact on the success of the business due to different continuous disagreement and lack of unity (Dawson, 2014, p.20). The company should adhere to labor laws and comply without difficulties. Good salaries and enumerations motivate employees. The existing staffs that are performing well should be promoted to ensure high productivity (Brisson-Banks, 2009, p.230). Human management is affected poor employee relation. There is a need for establishing a good relationship from top to bottom. The senior and junior management should work as a team and promote good relationships.

Reward and Motivation

Reward and motivation are essential to ensure high productivity. Employees should be motivated in various ways such as promotion, overtime payment, salary increment, and vocations are important (Dawson, 2014, p.242). Managers and CEO should be much concerned with the needs of employees. The production and marketing managers opted to quit the jobs and join multinational companies in the same city (Brisson-Banks, 2009, p.250). Similarly, rewards including offering incentives, insurances retirement plans and benefits lead to high productivity.

Recruitment and Retention

Employee recruitment and retention is another issue affecting people management. Recruitment of employees should be done on the basis of qualification and experience. Managers should find ways of retaining their employees to avoid resignation (Schein, 2002, p.19). Companies should find ways of retaining their potential employees. High employee retention promotes productivity and reduces the cost training new staffs Carnall, 2007, p.12).


Effective communication is vital and leaders should find ways of communicating different information among all staff members. Leaders should have superior communication skills and remove communication barriers which may cause poor performance. Effective communication builds trust and helps managers to share their mission and vision (Schein, 2002, p.104).

New Products

Launching new products into the market depends on the product launch strategy. Atradius should establish a marketing plan to enable penetrate the market. It is imperative to focus on customer satisfaction and experience. The new products should meet the demand and satisfy the needs of the products. There are several steps that the company should take when launching the new product. He has to consider the demand for the new product, price, availability, and quality of the newly manufactured product (Codita, 2011, p.89).


Studying the competitors is crucial and enables the company to establish a strong competitive advantage. SWOT and PESTLE analysis tools will help the organization to come up with new strategies that will boost the sales. The CEO should evaluate and determine whether the new product will be better than the existing ones. The product should stand against what is already being offered and must provide better services (Codita, 2011, p.78).

Targeting ideal customers is imperative and may boost the sales of the product by bringing it back to the track. To successfully launch the new product, it is essential to focus on how to attract ideal customers. The consumers should purchase the new product by appreciating the added feature which makes it unique. Creation of unique value proposition is important and helps to stand apart from the existing competitors (Schein, 2002, p.103). The new product should be unique with more value compared to the existing products. Marketing strategies and tactics should be defined before launching the new product (Mohr, 2016, p.450).

Atradius should start by studying the competitors to establish their strategies and come up with the best competitive advantage that will make the sales high. The company should use PESTLE and SWOT analysis tools to analyze the new product (Mohr, 2016, p.451). Besides, the CEO has more responsibility in the company and must consult with the existing leaders. It is vital to develop a new product that will solve the problems of the customers. Consumers will always go a product that will satisfy their needs. Choosing the right advertisement channel is important and promotes sales of the newly launched product (Codita, 2011, 79).

It is important to figure out if the right product before launching it. The process of launching a new product begins with development. It is essential for companies to launch the right products and avoid failure (Rafiq & Ahmed, 2015, p.10). Atradius needs to come with a good plan by carrying out extensive research on the new product. Through research and development, companies are able to develop a good product that meets the needs of the people. Atradius has to do more research and establish marketing strategies that will enable the product to sell. It is significant to test the assumptions about the market. There should be enough resources for the production of the new product including the availability of the raw materials, finance, and human resource. Before launching the new product back into the track, Jan has to develop a marketing plan that will enable him to reach the market (Rafiq & Ahmed, 2015, p.12). Marketing mix has 4-7 P's and Atradius supposed to embrace all the 7 Ps;

Distribution of products is important in product mix distribution. Products should be distributed in the places that accessible. The target market is vital and must be considered during the marketing strategy. There are several distribution stra...

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