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Literature has gradually transformed over the years as scholars come up with different interpretations brought by diverse theoretical concepts. Various theories have led to the development of a new context of literature, and it has broadened the scope of the study. Research indicates that novel has been written based on the events happening in a specific period. For instance during the world wars and American civil wars literature was based on this particular event (Robert, p. 36).

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Similarly, during the slavery era, several scholars wrote books based on the enslavement events. Studies indicate that researchers work was highly criticized paving the way for more theoretical concepts. In the contemporary society, there is a lot of talk on theory, but it has been understood differently by different people. The method has however changed the face of literature by enhancing how information is collected and analyzed. However, the current view of theory has changed because when people say there is a lot of speculation in literature, they imply that many nonliterary elements have been incorporated.

It is evident that a lot of general information which is not related to literature has been written for instance a lot of information on politics, strong philosophical terms among others. Theory can be defined as speculations that go beyond the obvious and involve a certain degree of complexity but do not refer to guesses. A method in literature applies to a body of thinking whose boundaries are hard to define (Robert, p. 36). It is important to note that theory encompasses a lot of studies, for instance, linguistics, anthropology, social sciences political science among others.' However, the method has a limitation that conflicts common sense. Scholars have argued that method forms the basis for which discussions need comparisons and evaluation to come up with concrete conclusions. In the old days, intelligence was considered to be madness while issues concerning sex could not be openly discussed.

Apocalyptic fiction refers to a sub-genre in science that gives an account of the end of civilization through a disaster that wipes out development. One of the features of apocalyptic fiction is that it has a lot of exaggeration emphasizing the catastrophe that brings the world to an end. However, it is not common in communist countries. People in the apocalyptic world struggle to survive after the end of civilization and in a new world. One of the first literature on apocalyptic fiction is the last man who follows a story of people who struggle to survive in a plague-infected world (Cullen, p. 67). One of the recent literature on apocalyptic fiction is The Machine Stops, and it is a fiction story that narrates about characters who have flown the earth to live underground because of unfavorable conditions.

In the underground world, the machine rules everything and people on earth begin to worship it. With over-reliance on the computer, the human mind can no longer think and innovations as well as new ideas fade away. Vashti and her son Kuno are in different worlds where Vashti is in the underworld while Kuno is on earth, their mode of interaction strains their interaction and communication. Kuno wants to talk to his mother from the underground world, and they use corrupt means to achieve it (Forster, p.73). Although the machines are helpful and have made work more comfortable for people over-reliance on it has created human beings to become slaves because they cannot work or even think without the use of the machines. In the current world, the devices are also replacing human interactions because people are so much over-reliant on them and the tools are running all their errands.

Modern-day apocalyptic fiction is centered on the technological advancement where human interaction has been replaced by machines and human beings live in isolation. The interface has been taken over by technology which includes the use of computers through the social media platform. The modern world is therefore ruled by machines, and human beings have limited interaction with each other (Cullen, p. 67). The worst that can happen and has been predicted by a few people is that human beings will no longer interact through the traditional and natural ways but through machines, it is an occurrence that has already taken place. Studies indicate that human beings spend much of their time chatting and socializing through media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among others. The use of machines in communication is becoming real, and this is a time when people have lost touch with one another and prefer staying in isolation instead of interacting with others.

In the modern day pandemics have also become common and some of the diseases are anticipated to wipe out generations. For instance, HIV and Aids are already becoming a nightmare. Through it is believed that there are diseases that will come to wipe out the human race living in the cities (Forster, p.73). Similarly, another modern-day apocalyptic fiction is the bolide impact, and it is believed that a massive body mass from the universe will descend from the world and crush the earth wiping out human beings. It is anticipated that it can be a steroid or a comet. Additionally, the intense volcanic eruption is also anticipated, and it is believed that it shall spill magma that will cover the face of the other and change people into volcanic rocks.

It is important to note that Apocalyptic literature has transformed the old setting where it was all centered on the prophecy of the old testament such as the prophecies given by Elijah, Isaiah Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Joel among others. They preached messages of doom and encourage the believers to turn away from their wicked ways to avoid the end of time destruction that would be upon sinners(Forster, p.73). The apocalyptic situation was the end of the world that is similar to fiction and only believed by Christians and a few other religions.


In conclusion, it is important to note that apocalyptic fiction in the modern world can be realized in the technological advancement that has made people over-reliant on machines and has reduced interaction and made them go into isolation. People are busy interacting through social media platforms instead of doing it physically. There is no more touch among people, and it is the worst fear that was a long time ago predicted that a time would come when technology will replace human interaction. Similarly, some pandemics are anticipated to wipe out the world. Also, it is predicted that a bolide will hit the earth and kill those on it making the world to come to an end. Several theories have been formulated concerning apocalyptic fiction, and it is a subject of debate among scholars.

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