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During the 19th century, there occurred massive political, social, religious, economic, cultural activities among other norms that regard the humankind. Media had its course during the time in the western countries. Store of data usually was done analog where paper prints and journals could circulate the entire nation. Perhaps, all the data is now stored in soft media and backed up for future references. For instance, the Time Vault media house has the records of all the journals printed under its media and stored for future. The information is accessed at a subscription of the Time Vault website. Scholars, educational institutions, media stores and the public with interest can obtain the data at a given time online. The paper discusses several journals published and stored by the Time vault media: the political, economic events, social means of life and the educational course as recorded in the Time's papers between 1962 January to December 1980.

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Regarding the Time Vault publication journal of 1/27/1975 Vol. 105 Issue 4, pages 28, records political issues. In particular, "A Whiff of Rebellion in the 94th" discusses the coverage of the US Congress election of the speaker. The two powers of the house nominate its one from both sides to be voted the speaker of the house. At the instance, the Democrats win elections, and new committees are formed just after swearing in. The house seems to be at its best time of political maturity as Rhodes of the Republican announces the winner (speaker) from the Democrats' party as "My good friend, the leader for all members of the house" which is considered as too many positive remarks from a political opponent in the history. The leaders in the case seem to have a sense of maturity and political will that encourages competition and sense of acceptance.

On the other hand, the journal "In Defense of Politicians: Do we ask too much?" Dated 1/27/1975, Vol. 105 Issue 4, pages 36, speaks opposite of the love of the politicians that the public considers the politicians as evil persons in the society (Griffith, 1975). No parent wants their children to associate with the political class and family even in marriage. The treatments start with the scrutiny applied during appointments. The questions asked to politicians and the set of features granted makes the political career of the persons to feel adamant. People even compose songs with touching lyrics of sympathy to show pity that the politicians are monsters "you made me what I am today, hope you are satisfied." (Griffith, 1975)

However, in both writings, the political class is seen to have intentions and motives to develop the welfare and livelihood of citizens. Despite the lack of faith and trust in the politicians by their voters, they ended up staying united and focused on the goals set. The journals follow each other during the publication, and the information relates from the previous reports. In the "A Whiff of Rebellion in the 94th", the politicians are organized into a group of four to make committees that are responsible for developing strategies (A Whiff of Rebellion in the 94th, 1975). While in the "In Defense of Politicians: Do we ask too much?" journal, despite the lack of trust, the politicians work as a team to pass election and form party leadership as the Congress and Democrats.

Second, the Times Vault media aired articles on the social way of life of the American people and the western dwellers at large. During the 19th century, religion split and freedom had picked to maxim level. Persons could join any religious background and worship for the rights and liberties protected every civilian. Family, society and the entire nation had no choice but to abide by and respect the diversity in religion. The Muslim group has its beliefs and customs that need to be adhered to by its followers so as the other believers like the Christians. The strong faith could lead to chaos and disorder by the authority as they strived to get recognition and power. For example, when the Muslims wanted their grievances to be considered, their means of strike and voice are so radical that other parties felt negative about them. When in a call to ban certain products from being consumed, they applied condemnation policies that made non-Muslims felt impolite and netiquette.

The Times Vault published a journal on "Guns; Death and Chaos Amid the fallout from revolution, the U.S. evacuates Iran. 2/26/1979, Vol. 113 Issue 9, pages 26", which expresses the activities of the Muslim religion during the error. The Iranians are protesting to end the slogan and tyranny of the Shah in the Islam religion- a former empire and dictatorship ruling that oppressed people mostly Iran's. When the Shah was overthrown, the fight for leadership and directorship of the Muslims began which created conflict and war amongst the believers. People who supported their leaders felt they should rise to power as it resulted in the split and division referred to as schism (Guns, Death And Chaos Amid the Fallout from Revolution, the U.S. Evacuates Iran, 1979). The schism led into two main groups as the East-west schism and the Great Western Schism. During the fight, guns and ammunition were stolen from the barracks and the police posts to facilitate the wars. During the attacks, the US government, Americans, crusaders, and activists who supported the prime minister became enemy to the Muslim society. The rebels claimed more life is increasing insecurity in the region. "The grapes are not yet ripe, and the people are already drunk on the wine." --Ancient Persian saying to mean that it is not yet over till it is complete.

Rebuilding peace and creating harmony with other states has been on the talk time for leaders of the Middle East and USA. According to the article "Reassuring Some Friends Goal of a Middle East tour2/26/1979, Vol. 113 Issue 9, pages 34" on Time Vault. Countries in the Gulf belt feel the guilt caused by the religious turmoil in taking the lives of civilians in the name of protesting for holy jihad. Peace treaties are constructed between the foreign minister Moshe Dayan and the premier minister Moustafa Khalil that took several days to discuss the weaknesses and the possible ways towards understanding for the sake of peace (Reassuring Some Friends Goal of a Middle East Tour, 1979). The US is in the recovery state where its investments and interests in other countries cannot be limited by war. Thus the US forming treaties and allies by the confronting states for the best interest of peace. As reported to Time by one of the respondents, Don Sider "It is our purpose to convey the reassurance that we will stand by our friends against external threats." a confession to safeguard the Middle East from an attack of any kind by enemies.

As an international engagement between the Muslim stronghold and the top superpower of the world, the agreements are to help maintain peace and order in the region. Therefore, the United States and non-Muslims can transact business in the Middle East region. The religious peace treaty will yield more economic benefits in the area.

Third, an economic stimulation of the state's region likes Florida. The urge by the state leaders to boost the economic activities in the densely populated states through investor and tourists attraction. For instance, increasing the recreational activities of towns by providing a variety of sports, games and recreation activities helps attract more tourists. Both foreign and local tourists are attracted by a variety of sports events that enhance recreation, entertainment and sports in the region. By the long run, the attractions end up promoting the recreation centers, hotel industry and the sports facilities.

Today, the sports centers have turned into the gambling parlors. People travel from point to region in search for activities that can encourage betting and gambling activities. According to Times Vault journal "High Stakes in Miami Beach Gambling for a dying resort2/20/1978, Vol. 111 Issue 8, pages 21" gambling is highly recommended and promoted in Florida. In the journal, a public relations leader Whiz Sanford Weiner, promoter of the state, helped advocate for the gambling licenses and permits in Florida (High Stakes In Miami Beach Gambling for a Dying Resort, 1978). The move encouraged the Miami hotel owners and casino gamblers to collect more signatures as per the law to encourage legalization of gambling. The casinos and betting activities are considered as economic activities. Since people travel to participate in the gambling activities, the tourists attraction in the region improves thereby promoting businesses that rely on tourists. According to the journal, "It's one thing to visit Las Vegas and go on a spree, It's another thing entirely to drag Las Vegas home with you and set it up in your own community" says Florida Governor Reubin Askew. That activities carried in Florida have proved to be extremely attractive and that having such in other places requires great move in the economic prosperity.

On the other hand, the Times Vault media reported the chances of increase in economic situations. Prices of primary needs are to be taxed heavily thereby increasing the value for the commodities. For instance, according to "Dimming Chances for Carter's Bill A compromise on gas prices and oil taxes proves elusive, 2/20/1978, Vol. 111 Issue 8, p73" journal in the Times library. Carter proposes a Bill to reduce energy loss and inject more revenue to the government by increasing the taxes of the gas and energy commodities. The bill is arguably debated by the house and the facts include the rise of the cost of living since gas and oil make up the standard value for other commodities. It is debatable that increase in gas and energy products would result in increasing the prices for domestically produced goods and services. President Carter's argument is to enable positive and reliable energy consumption without waste. The price for the sense of responsibility in consumption is to increase the prices so as citizens could feel the value of the products thus minimizing wastage.

Therefore, to enhance economic competitive responsibility in the region, factors like consumer needs, responsible consumption and investors' needs requires analysis. For instance, enabling free consumption of goods and services leads to extravagance and misuse. President Carter's bill to increase to prices for energy- gas and oil is a smart move to increase the prices so as consumers to feel the responsibility on the best usage mechanism. However, educating the public on means of energy consumption towards economic prosperity without wastage enables positive consumption. Perhaps, allowing investors to provide recreational activities at deserving regions is vital in the economy. Some activities like gambling Casinos and betting houses attracts foreign and local tourists. In Florida, the opposition and the Government declines licensing and permits to gambling agencies in the sense that it promotes immorality, high theft level among other antisocial norms. Therefore, better policies should be set to regulate every investment to increase the economy.

Last, social living status and recreational modes are also aired in the Times Vault library of journals. The means of entertainment of the American people and the globe as staged and presented are also featured in the journals. The journals reveal how several themes and messages are appealed in the videos, music and theatric exhibitions. The composers and directors of the shows use real life experiences to criticize certain norms and believe in the community thereby giving enlightenment and education to the viewers and public. Moreover, the scenes provide entertainment thereby enriching the community with refreshments. The articles reveal the living standards o...

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