Essay Sample on Adventure Consultant: Success After Tragedy on Mt. Everest

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Date:  2023-04-10


Adventure Consultant is a New Zealand company that was formed in 1992 by Gary Ball and is partner Hall. The company aimed at generating revenue by guiding mountain climbers to the peak of Mt Everest. At the company had enjoyed a considerable amount of success, unfortunately, Ball succumbed to cerebral edema in an expedition that he led in 1993. After the death of Ball, Hall continued to manage the company, and by the end of 1994, the firm had successfully guided 39 climbers to the peak of Mt Everest (Roberto & Garioggia, 2003). However, Hall died in 1996 during a core-joined expedition with another company, the Mountain Madness. Despite the death of its two core founders, the company is currently among the best Mt Everest guiding firm in the world.

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Currently, Adventure Consultants has its headquarters in Wanaka, New Zealand, with its Chief Executive Officer being Guy Cutter. It is registered as a limited company serving in the adventure travel industry. Apart from serving Mt Everest, it also offers wilderness journeys, expedition, and treks to other areas such as Arctic, Antarctica, Himalayas, and Seven Summits. Besides, the company runs mountain climbing schools in Europe and New Zealand (Adventure Consultant, 2020). One of the latest product by the company is the specialty services such as advice on specialist equipment, private customized expedition, and even filming project in adventurers' locations. According to the company's website, some of the expeditions planned for 2020 include Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Mount Vinson, and the South Pole Ski expeditions (Adventure Consultant, 2020). Currently, the company enjoys a worldwide customer base, with many clients registering for their expedition each year.

Despite the success enjoyed by the company in the adventure industry, it is facing many problems and challenges. The first challenge that the company is facing is that since it operates on the international level, its clients must seek permission and visa from different countries. The complexity and complication associated with seeking international travel documents discourage most of the potential clients from registering for their expedition. The main problem facing the company, though, is the fact that some of the services are risky and may lead to death. For example, in 1996, five people, including the founder of the company, died in an Mt Everest expeditions (Roberto & Garioggia, 2003). Also, in 2015, the Mt Everest avalanches led to the death of six employees with nine others sustained critical injuries.


From the above discussion, it is evident that Adventure Consultant is an old-well established company that has managed to survive through the changes of time. Despite the many setbacks, the company has managed to expand and offer many other services apart from guiding clients to climb Mt Everest.


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