Discussion Brands: Apple Inc. Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-01

Apple Inc.'s brand positioning is based on having the discipline to make good quality products that are undoubtedly going to impress customers. Such a position appeals to the changing consumer needs as well as trends in technology (Khan et al. 961). As a result, the customers are extremely loyal since the brand promises and delivers unique and impeccable products.

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Apple Inc.'s target customers are middle and high-income earners as well as creative whose desire to make purchases is driven by value for money. It is a lifestyle brand that thrives on the great perception of the brand rather than the functionality of the brand. In the rapidly changing technology market, Apple Inc.'s consumers are people who think differently and go against the norm in terms of innovativeness and creativity (Yoffie and Michael 205). The brand fulfills their desires by designing creative products. For example, Apple Inc. went against the norm by designing a fun and colorful iMac whereas the rest of the personal computers had dull colors such as gray or black.

Interestingly, Apple Inc. does not conduct any form of customer research. Its marketing strategy is founded on a philosophy adopted by its founder, Steve Jobs. The company assumes that customers do not know what they want and instead of conducting research to determine their needs, it is more suitable to install creative features and innovative capabilities that make Apple Inc.'s products attractive to consumers (Kane et al. 25).

The brand reaches their customers through advertising. Since Tim Cook became the new CEO in 2011, the firm's advertising costs have skyrocketed. It uses the 7Ps of marketing to communicate with consumers about its premium products (Kanagal 25). Its marketing communication mix mainly comprises of print and media advertising and personal selling in the company's stores.


Apple Inc. is successful in reaching its consumers because the selected advertising platforms are aligned with its target market. Middle and high-income earners are adept consumers of digital and print media. Also, the company's retail stores offer impeccable customer service and in-store experiences to consumers, which creates a conducive environment for close interactions with the customers.

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