The Relationship Between Bill Gate's Windows

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Date:  2022-04-04

Bill Gates is an American business investor and principal founder of the Microsoft Corporation (Romero, 156). In his career at Microsoft, he was largest individual shareholder and also the chief software architect. Gate and Paul Allen launched Microsoft which became the most massive personal computer in the world. Gates is nowadays one of the best-known businessperson of own computer revolution. The paper will, therefore, examine the relationship that exists between Bill Gates windows.

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Microsoft Windows was launched by the Microsoft Company in its retail version. Later, the firm struck a deal with the IBM to develop a discrete operating system, OS/2. Although this company succeeded in the development of the first version of the new system, the conglomerate declined (Romero, 158). The reason for its deterioration is because of mounting creative differences between the two companies.

Microsoft was also marketed through apple dealer. One of the products that were offered by this window enabled the user to learn how to use a keyboard (Romero, 160). The other product that was authored by a professor from the University of Hawaii had the capability of doing mathematics in the long integer math. The product was known as MuMATH, and it helped in avoiding floating point figures.

The first hardware product, z-80 SoftCard permitted the apple to run the operating system. The system that was released by the company was variant of Unix (Romero, 162). The Unix became the first version of the Microsoft's word processor widely known as Microsoft word. Word was then made to be the first program that was to be distributed on-disk with a publication.

The Disk Operating System (DOS) is the one that brought Gates Company its actual triumph. IBM first approached Microsoft about its upcoming IBM personal computer (Romero, 165). After the dialogues with the digital research failed, the company gave a contract to Microsoft to offer another version of the CP/M operating system. The system was established to be used in the IBM PC.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a rivalrous relationship. It is because of this friendship that Gates strode in and saved Apple that was on the brim of bankruptcy at that moment. Microsoft agreed to make a massive investment in Apple. Although at that time Apple was in staid trouble, still there were numerous individuals at Apple and in the Apple ecosystem playing the game (Romero, 166). The reason why Apple was not going to outdo Microsoft is because Microsoft was the chief software inventor outside of Apple developing for Mac.

Apple also had to globule a claim accusing Microsoft of photocopying its operating system. At the time Apple was saved by Microsoft, Microsoft was by far and away more giant of the two companies. Conversely, this did not bring the competition between these two companies to an end. Instead, they merged with the aim of modeling the computing industry together.

Microsoft and Apple are the two most appreciated makes in the world. For many years, the conflict between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs has been well renowned. Jobs notably condemned Microsoft for copying its operating systems while making third-rate products.

This competition was positive because it was through it that these two men were able to make great products. As such Bill Gates remains to be the leading in the provision of its services. He will always strive to ensure that the products he offered were at the forefront.

Works Cited

Romero, Sergio. "Bill Gates speaks K'ichee'! The corporatization of linguistic revitalization in Guatemala." Language & Communication 47 (2016): 154-166.

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