Essay Sample on Adult Learning Styles

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Date:  2022-10-28

Question 1

From the personal adult learning style inventory, there is a given consistency between the results I obtained and what I imagined to be my learning style. In my opinion, learning styles ought to be all-inclusive by having the capability to embrace diversities, differences while customising the outcomes for all the educators who are involved in the process of knowledge transfer as well as the topics in question. My combined style approach adult learning style, therefore, had the outcome of utilising the pedagogical and andragogical approaches in equal measures

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The results in the test are consistent with my imagined style considering the numbers that I obtained in the different levels of the test. For the first level of the test, my total score was 21. The figure I obtained falls in the range of 20-25 which is interpreted as andragogical orientation in the results analysis section. For the second third and fourth levels of the test, my score was 15, 12 and 13 respectively, figures that are neither andragogical or pedagogical, but combines features from the two modes of teaching and training. The last level of six paces the style in pedagogical orientation at the score of 9. The range for pedagogical orientation is 5-10. The overall results in the test, from a graphical representation, places my total score of 75 in between the extremes of pedagogical and andragogical measures. The andragogical style requires a total score of 120-150, while the pedagogical style requires a score of 60-30. Since 75 falls in the middle of the two categories, I can conclude that my style involves a combination of methods.

Question 2

At the age of thirteen, I was in the seventh grade which coincided with the peak of my teenage years. Although my memory is possibly clouded with insights and analysis from my adult perspective of life and learning, I believe that my learning style during the period was andragogical because the period also involved the sense of independence that comes with teenage years. Therefore, as a teenager, wishing to not only explore the world but also to show their opinions on life and different experiences, I found myself inclined to styles of learning that promoted my independence. The allure to the independence was despite the fact that the adults in my society had experience in addition to the knowledge levels in their different professions, which qualified them for the positions of imparting knowledge.

My learning style, as indicated by the results I have obtained in the test is inclusive of both pedagogical and andragogical methodologies. However, the total score of 75 along with its position on the graph, which is closer to the lower measure, is an indication that although I value a combination of learning methods, I lean towards the pedagogical orientation in which the learner is dependent on the educator. I can, therefore, conclude that although my style has changed to include both the andragogical and pedagogical orientations, my current leaning towards the pedagogical measures shows my change in respect for authority and experience as it pertains to learning and knowledge acquisition. While at thirteen I thought that I could achieve anything an adult could, as an adult I understand that knowledge combines with experience to complete the process of learning. the understanding is useful in my combination of different methods of learning which allow me to expand my learning experience and get the best out of the event.

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