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Adidas is a global brand, and a recognized designer in apparel accessories, athletic and lifestyle footwear. The focus of the brand is to create innovative products that suit athletes and new fashion lines. In its latest campaign, the NMD sneaker was created with the intention to appeal to teenagers. In marketing the product, it created an optimistic message to the audience, it was a message for the future that which inspired the target market to define their future. The brand suffered a setback where other brands overtook its sales, therefore it was imperative that it reconnects and build relevance with its consumers, in so doing, it launched a campaign to explain to address such issues including:

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  • The camping purposed to reinvent the brand in a creative fashion such that it becomes appealing to the consumers.
  • The campaign mainly addressed the issue of reinventing a brand and inspiring the creative community.
  • There was a need to reconnect to the consumers again by unleashing a product that matches the current market trends.
  • Creating originality product campaign targeting street fashion by enhancing the already present creativity.

There are many opportunities that the campaign sought to seize, by addressing the factor of individuality, it inspired creativity within individuals. The use of art and culture enhance a creative spirit while history and creative individuals in society push the brand further.

In the Adidas camping, one of the driving factors that pushed the brand to create such a communication campaign is:

The need to define what is original. The definition of original varies depending on who defines it. When Adidas realized that originality is defined using the creator, its campaign shifted to define originality based on where it is taken.

The issues that promoted the development of the campaign is:

The saturated presence of superstar sneaker in the market, despite the sneaker being one of the successfully launched product by the brand, its presence meant that another product would have trouble penetrating in the market.

Another challenge that necessitates the development of a communication campaign by the brand is that the brand is mainly known through the retro look, this is despite the company releasing new designs.

Additionally, with the increased release of new shoes, the market is filled with a multifaceted collection of different classics that appeal to different audiences. The mix-up of new cutting-edge designs with the mainstream shoe designs results in a dynamic Original portfolio that is complicated.

Also, the disparity in product priorities, market share, brand equity, and perception among the markets where the brand has large shares, i.e. United Kingdom, United States, and Germany compels the development of a communication campaign.

The campaign is trying to send a message of defining what is Original. The objective is to redefine creativity with the aim of establishing a brand story as they eliminate the notion of complacency among their target audience. It communicates creativity by inspiring community creators to move away from being content in their settling zones. The goal is to reduce the monotony of similarity in the presentation of fashion and culture and instead inspire a progressive mindset that revolutionizes through creativity.

The communication campaign seeks to promote a new brand idea that boldly defines Original. The campaign intends to send a message which proves that the definition of original is obtained from where creation is taken. The point of the campaign is to deliver the message that a personal creation in one's own way is what makes a product original.

The campaign is capable of attaining a global influence on street culture. Street fashion is very dynamic and does not conform to global scales although global interactions influence its diversity. Therefore with a communication campaign, it is possible to harness the culture of streetwear basing it on global influences and creative expressions. An additional achievement that the goal is likely to attain is the inspiration of creators to utilize historical events stemming from their ideas as a starting point for creating ideas and taking charge of their future.

The importance of the overall goal of challenging creativity is that:

  • It eliminates imagination boundaries by motivating all creators to challenge themselves and explore the depth of their imaginations.
  • By questioning the definition of original, the campaign motivates its target audience to take up the responsibility of creating their future.

Additionally, the goals of the campaign are very important in reinforcing the ethos value of the brand. The concept of originally is ingrained the company and thus, a campaign that questions and responds to what is originality vitally elevate the position of the company in setting originality standards.

The target audience, selected through a segmentation research comprises of an emergent group of youths that is significantly influential to streetwear culture. The selected audience is of vital importance in the campaign since it largely influences fashion choices among youths in the streets. Additionally, the influence generated by the group is extensive since it expands to social media where a greater audience can perceive their significance. Furthermore, the target audience is a diverse group ranging from sixteen to twenty-six years, and it actively advances creative personal styles. With the availability of digital tools at their disposal, there are greater opportunities for them to express their personal style in many different forms. Therefore, the audience is important because it is an essential tool for driving progress in selling a street fashion product.

Additionally, as the case study identifies, street culture is diverse and thus possess challenges to brands that try to address it. Trying to create a reflection of the already present street culture is the greatest failure faced by brands. The focus should remain towards making contributions to the present culture, hence the success of the Original campaign depends on the ability of the Adidas brand to contribute to the street culture. Therefore, by using an influential target group, it is possible to make meaningful contributions since the target group offers a guideline to the street culture requirements. Additionally, the audience is an important starting point for creating inspirations before the campaign extends to a greater audience.

Engagement with the target audience resulted in a very successful campaign which saw improvements in advocacy and sales. Despite market saturation with the Superstar sneaker which is the biggest and best-performing classic, the sales still surged to exceed the previous year's index. Engaging with the target audience also facilitated understanding barriers to creativity in street culture and therefore enabled the brand to navigate the obstacles.

The message of the campaign was strategically designed and delivered through a multi-channel effort. The plan of the strategy was based on behavior, needs and cultural inclination of the consumers. Given that the brand advancing the campaign employs its past to develop the future of streetwear that is inspired by sportswear, it felt that it had the approval to venture into areas that other companies could not. The capacity to prove that 'original' is not created out of anything but it is an amalgamation of influences. The strategy was effective because the brand focused on creating a fully original campaign in the sense that it did not strive to be original. Therefore the initial step involved using the most overdone track, 'My Way' by Frank Sintara and remixing it in an endeavor to push it far such that it becomes one with the brand. After employing a new cohort of musicians to push the music, it resulted in an influential message which declared that 'original is never finished.

The effectiveness of the strategy can be further described using the ability of the music to motivate the brand's visual image, it created the reimaging of iconic historical moments in sports and Adidas, pop-culture and art. By featuring the most iconic artists whose names are a brand, such as Snoop Dogg, Petra Collins, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dev Hynes, Dej Loaf, and Stormzy. By reimaging cultural icons, the campaign strategy successfully established that it is possible to create something original by pushing what has already been done far enough. Pushing hard enough is a strategy to reinvention where creators are compelled to recreate old to new.

The channels of rolling out the campaigns also increased the effectiveness of the message. The launch began in online channels where social media took over the spread of the content. Additionally, during the Grammys award, the film made its debut additionally, the brand created three more hits specifically for the occasion. Each off the track underwent reimaging by being pushed to the limits until it became a new original hit that demonstrates the message "original is never finished".

The rationale for the selected media primarily relates to the target audience and the message being sent to it. Online channels support the engagement of the target audience for a number of reasons. First, it has the capacity to market a brand across the globe and therefore reach the intended target group. Additionally, it facilitates a band to connect with all its target audience at the same time. It does not require the presence of the brand, while at the same time it facilitates a global outreach. Therefore, selecting this type of media is crucial for Adidas since it meets its target focus on a global scale.

Further, online media has an element of continuity in addition to attracting the actual targeted population and adapting to performing multiple tasks. As opposed to other forms of media, where a brand hopes that the product reaches the expected target audience, the selected online media platforms specifically focuses on the target group who are in search of the product in the market. Also, digitalized media is automated and thus may not require the presence of the brand make deals. The continuity expressed by the selected media justifies its selection. Online content remains unchanged even after a campaign period and therefore continues to market a product for an extended period after the brand stops the promotion.

Additionally, the targeted audience is from an emerging youth group mainly comprised of the millennial who spend a lot of time engaged with the internet. Hence given the target group it is only logical to use platform that exhibits its presence. Additionally, the target group identifies with the selected artists and therefore it is easy to draw the attention of this audience. The reimaging of iconic music and incorporating notable celebrities in the recreation better drives the message since the messengers are people who connect with the target audience.

The Grammy is among the few television shows that attract huge audiences. Use of the Grammy awards as a platform to make debut is an excellent choice considering the number of people who tune in to watch the show. Given that the current times are faced with viewer fragmentation challenges, tapping on a platform that has a high rating, and a colossal audience is a classical strategy.

The effectiveness of the campaign was measured through brand advocacy. The evaluation measure is significant since it is the greatest estimate of consumer connection. For the brand, improvements on advocacy rates as measured by the global tool for estimating were remarkable especially in comparison to brand distractors. Particularly, in the target markets, the advocacy level significantly increased during the campaign period. With respect to sales, a tremendous improvement...

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