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A strong research is one established and represented by the adequate sample size. Adequate sample size is the efficient number of participants on whom the effectiveness of a research depends. Adequate sample is a completely representative sub-population of the entire one being investigated. The result achieved from an adequate sample depends on the methods used to determine the satisfactory sample size, which is defined for cluster and non-inferiority trials with different types of primary result variables, including dichotomous, time-to-time and continuous events (Guest, Namey & McKenna, 2017). Thus, a representative sample should have an efficient confidence level.

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Annotated Bibliography

Silva, J., Siegmund, G., & Bredemeier, J. (2015). Crisis interventions in online psychological counseling. Trends In Psychiatry And Psychotherapy, 37(4), 171-182.

This article focuses on psychological distress people go through as a result of emerging crisis and violence in the society. It highlights on how the growing rate of violence activities has affected people in many ways, from different countries and the general culture of a given setting. The article gives an overview of the various collective incidents that affects people's daily lives and the psychological distress that comes with it. As such, the psychological community has been urged to be on the Centre stage, in designing crisis intervention techniques that will help to support people, both at an individual and in collective level when faced with this inevitable emerging problems, and crisis in general. The psychological distress and the negative effects of crisis for society has been found to be inevitable and hence, the importance of executing effective approaches, that can be available to many people. The article has discuss many approaches, some of which I am going to pin point them. As defined by the author, crisis refers to the negative outcomes of a life event, some of which includes natural disasters, like drought, famine, floods and earthquakes, the technological disasters also includes toxic leaks, fires and explosive. On a similar note, the author looks at the psychological definition of crisis as the reaction of a given situation, which undermines an individual's mental wellbeing and hence inability to deal swiftly with the occurrence of a crisis. The author tends to highlight the significance of developing the mental health intervention skills in crisis. It looks at the characteristics of a good criteria as one which is inexpensive and must be accessible to as many people as possible. The article has explained several approaches that can be employed to teach people about anxiety management skills. The anxiety management program is a very significant program in sense that, it trains people on the general anxiety management techniques in case of crisis, and hence enabling a victim to confront with the cognitive and behavioral mechanisms of anxiety in dealing with a situation.

Karakurt, G., Anderson, A., Banford, A., Dial, S., Korkow, H., Rable, F., & Doslovich, S. (2014). Strategies for Managing Difficult Clinical Situations in Between Sessions. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 42(5), 413-425.

This article focuses on the management of the overwhelming anxieties that Therapist go through as they deal with their patients. It highlights the various kind of patients the therapist meet on a day to day basis, ideally. In some instances the therapists deal with very hard situation such as patients with suicidal thoughts, the children abused, and the general intimate violence. It has been described how such situations can be overwhelming to the therapist in the sense that, some of this case have reached a critical level that the patient is left paralyzed and unable to react. The most common therapy crisis as addressed in the article is the suicidal ideation; this kind of therapy session has been described by the author as one that causes extreme tension during and after the session. As described, the most common and basic thing to be done when dealing with a suicidal case is to conduct a suicidal assessment. It highlights how important it is to look at the client's history of suicides and the general diagnosis of depression. The article addresses the issues and matters that therapists are obliged to take into consideration when dealing with different kind of patients. Ethical considerations are also epitome and it requires acknowledgement and the guidance of the code of ethics governing the clinic. At the end, the author was seeking to address how important it is for the therapist to utilize various skills in the quest of effectively helping the clients. The article, "strategies for managing difficult clinical situations in between session" describes the different difficulties that therapists experience during and after sessions giving suggestions on ways to manage these difficult situations (Karakurt et al., 2014). Ideally, the therapist may have to concern about the well-being and safety of the client amid the sessions. The situation will ultimately affect the efficiency of the therapist in dealing and handling the issues appropriately. Since suicidal ideation is the main common crisis in the therapy sessions. The article describes how important it is for a therapist to conduct a suicide assessment of the client as a first step during the session (Karakurt et al., 2014). The assessment of suicide involves the examination of the patients' prior attempts, plans, interests and the general substance abuse. In carrying out the assessment, the therapist will be able to know what can be done in order to ensure that the client stays throughout the session

In regards to child abuse cases, the therapist is required to seek assistance from professionals like child protective service agencies (Karakurt et al., 2014). While dealing with intimate partners kind of violence the therapist has been obliged to use violence prevention strategies to ensure that the patients do note experience a similar situation. The article has described the need of discussing situations in which violence can be prompted and also what can be done in order to avoid such scenarios again. When a client has suicide ideation, social and family support is some of the significant factors that can reduce the chances of suicide. With a clear assessment of the client's pans, intents and prior attempts of suicide, the clinician may opt to preparing a no harm agreement with the client. In child abuse cases supervision has been proven to be one of the most significant technique that can guarantee the safety of the child. When a therapist decides to use other agencies in ensuring the safety of the child, it may undermine the relationship of the client, and this may also create division in the family involved.

Bloom, B. (2001). Focused SingleSession Psychotherapy: A Review of the Clinical and Research Literature. Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention, 1(1), 75-86.

The author of the article seeks to focus on the aspects of single= session psychotherapy, ideally the focus is on the general clinical overview, the specific program description and several of its controllable and uncontrollable outcomes. It has also highlighted the instances that has seen the single session program being useful and efficient, some of which includes, intrapsychic difficulties and the interpersonal conflicts. It has also been termed useful in the treatment of children and adolescents related situations. The author of the article with various evidence of single session psychotherapy tends to suggest how the field is still commendable for continued investigations and examinations. The article provides various evidences that greatly suggest how a theoretical perspective is of significant importance in the quest of enhancing the complete usefulness of the single session kind of psychotherapy. The article "focused single session psychotherapy" is a great and informative piece of work since it provides insights on the research based evidence on the effectiveness of short-term psychotherapy (Bloom, 2001). The methodology employed in the study is practical and clear, the use of managed health care was profound as it serves an important role in transforming the traditional practices of psychotherapy. Single session psychotherapy has been identified as important and a key method used in the treatment of medical disorders (Bloom, 2001). The article provides various evidence based on experiments that shows the need of single session psychotherapy. The evidence and research provided enough control outcome studies in order to evaluate and substantiate with greater confidence the condition under which the single session psychotherapy is particularly suitable.

Messer, S. (2011). Theory Development via Single Cases: A Case Study of the Therapeutic Relationship in Psychodynamic Therapy. Pragmatic Case Studies In Psychotherapy, 7(4).

Messer (2011) on this article explains how psychodynamic psychotherapy plays a critical role in determining patient's mental health. It is one of the early symptoms that a medic can use to know the mental status of the client. It is explained how this kind of treatments uses the client's self-reflection and examination, it also puts into consideration the therapeutic relationship of the client and the psychiatrist handling the matter. On an attempt to explain psychodynamic occurrence, Dr. Manneta presents a case study, it shows how the Psychiatrist can be of help in revealing the unconscious content possess by the patient. The unconsciousness of the clients might progressively be the cause of maladaptive functioning and the resistance of change as observed in the case study example in the article. The article provides a clear background of psychodynamic psychotherapy and the various instances that the patients become resistant to change. It also highlight on how the psychodynamic psychotherapy treatment can be used effectively in addressing various cases of depression and anxiety disorder. It highlights on our various kind of ego and how the specific level of these egos can be deduced by simply examining various aspects of our lives such as the relationships we are involved in and other significant arrears of psychological functioning. As most of the readers are familiar with psychological disorders, ideally, at some point we have been directly or indirectly affected by depression and anxiety related issues, as such, the article brings to light this issues and with several cases and research the author concludes that psychodynamic psychotherapy is of great benefit to the patients experiencing various type anxiety disorders, which includes the social phobia, panic attack, stress disorder and the general anxiety.

Depression and other severe mental conditions are a common illness experienced across the globe. It is important to note that depression is much different from the usual mood fluctuations and the usual short-lived emotional responses that people experience. In the article" examining the Therapeutic relationship and confronting the resistance in psychodynamic" the author examines the various some of the effective psychotherapy practices and techniques that can be used when performing a psychotherapy (Messer, 2011). Psychodynamic therapy is primarily employed when treating depression cases and other acute mental diseases. It is very useful in treating those who have lost meaning in their lives. Research has identified that some of the effective applications of psychodynamics therapy includes the social anxiety disorder, eating disorder and addiction. In this article, a depresses accountant seeks treatments because of an acute stressors putting her career at risk

The methodology of treatment used i...

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