Essay Sample: How Human Growth Hormones Are Used in Sports

Date:  2021-04-09 07:33:26
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Use of human growth hormones in sports refers to the utilization of growth hormones for enhancing the individuals performance in sports rather than using them for medical therapy. Being a prescription therapeutic substance, it means that when used without a prescription it is considered illegal. The use of growth hormones in athletics has been regarded as doping, and some argue that doping improves the performance in athletics even though it is illegal according to the athletics policies. Human growth hormones are naturally found in the human body, but the use of exogenous human growth hormones has been recommended for the medical purpose since time immemorial until sometimes back when it was started to be used in the athletics to boost the athletics performance.

In sports, human growth hormone is considered to be important because it increases the muscle size. There is a high correlation between the strength and the size of the muscle. Thus, when muscle size is boosted, its power is also increased, and one can perform well in sports. It has been observed that competitors in sports who aspire to win have been adopting the use of human growth hormones. Furthermore, many athletes have been using the human growth hormones to recover their strengths when they are tired. When muscles are tired, human growth hormones have the ability to allow them recover quickly. This, in turn, allows the sports person to train more often and hard.

Athletes who are involved in high demanding sports such as weight lifting, body -building, football, and athletics have shifted to using the human growth hormones to boost their performance. Many studies show that human growth hormones assist individual burn fats and increase their strengths. Unlike those who have not used the human growth hormones, a person who has used it has high chances of winning the game. In athletics, if it is for long races, one do not get tired easily but continue to run for a long time until he or she completes the course. The body builders and weight lifters use the human growth hormones to increase their muscles since they have the ability to increase the size of the muscles.

Also, human growth hormones have been found to be important in enhancing the cell reproduction and the promotion of physical growth. Also, the hormone is crucial in stimulating the liver and other tissues to make protein which is known as the insulin growth factor. This protein is very essential as it increases the organ growth and muscle performance. In sports, it replicates to high performance. In the year 1981, injection of human growth was found to be important in sports especially when injected to people whose bodies did not produce enough through the natural way. The use of artificial injection hormone by such individuals provided them a chance to compete favorably in the field just like their fellow sportspersons whose bodies produce naturally enough.

For the celebrities who engage in beauty contests sports, the human growth hormones have been found to be significant in their competition. It is known that human growth hormones have the ability to produce lean body mass. This is important in slim possible something that most beauty contest participants long for. To outcompete their competitors, the beauty pageant models in most cases utilizes the human growth hormones to reduce their weight and maintain beauty.

Even though the sports persons might found the human growth hormones as important for their performances in games, they need to understand that the continuous use of such hormones will result in healthy issues. The use of artificial human growth hormones increases the chances of contracting diabetes. The secretion of diabetes-prevention hormones will be inhibited through the use of human growth hormones. The human growth hormones have also been found to worsen the cardiovascular diseases. Sometimes one feels the bone pains, muscle joint pains and also the abnormal growth in organs. This makes an individual shapeless and will look unhealthy. Additionally, the continuous use of human growth hormones is known to result in the metabolic dysfunctions since they stimulate the secretion of the other hormones that might not require the body. Such hormones may rupture the bones, and the person will feel unhealthy most of the time. What is more, it is reported that human growth hormones result in acromegaly a condition that results in the endogenous production of excess human growth hormones. Its symptoms include the excessive sweating and swelling of the hormones.

Conclusively, human growth hormones have been used since time immemorial to enhance the performance of the sports persons. The human growth hormones are known to increase the muscles which replicate in the increase in strength. It is known that sports individuals who use artificial human growth hormones perform well in the field and have high chances of outcompeting their competitors. However, the excessive of human growth hormones results in healthy risks to the user.


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