Essay on the U.S. History: Colony or Independence

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Date:  2021-04-23

There are various ideas to get from the Second Continental Congress and the same proves to be of great importance in the learning of history and help in the understanding the history of American and what led them to getting their independence. It is in this manner that proves the need to examine Second Continental Congress and the benefits that resulted from the same with the view of improving living conditions of the population. It is the congress that played a critical role in making the United States of America an independent country and led to creating freedom for the people. There is the need for the public to acknowledge the fact that. This is because it is the congress that led a successful war which led to relieving Americans from the yoke of colonial powers. It is in this manner that proves the need to examine technicalities that made the war a success and of interest to the population.

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One of the ways in which the congress helped in delivering independence to American is that it helped in organizing a war that was already taking place in the society which provided an avenue for fighters to regroup and make a stronger attack on the British forces in the country. When the congress met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the main theme of the meeting was to organize a new attack on the colonial powers and rejuvenate the forces that were already in the battle field. When the meeting was organized, the fighting had already begun with the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, and Congress needed to create an official army out of the untrained assemblage of militia laying siege on Boston. This proves that is its the Congress that helped the soldiers to regroup and create a fresh attach on the colonial powers. The creation of an official army was aimed at making the military more effective in combating the colonial powers.

One issue that played out during the Congress was that it was during the Congress when the declaration for independence was made and the same resulted to military stepping up its efforts to deliver the people from the york of slavery. The declaration of independence was a surety that the country was fully committed to gain its independence and become independent of the mother country. The declaration contained it itself the dynamics that the military was to follow to deliver the dream to the people and agreement that leaders were to make with the colonial powers to create a smooth transition from a colonized country to a free country with various benefits to the people. Declaration of independence as was addresses in the Congress was a way through which the population could engage the colonial powers to address the challenges thereof.

Another impact of the Congress is that it led to the establishment of the Congress as the central governing body under the Articles of Confederation which was effective until the year 1788. In this manner, it is the congress that helped in checking success of plans to gain independence. In this manner, the Second Continental Congress was very instrumental in making America an independent country which helped in the delivery of goals. Additionally, the importance of the Congress was that it was the platform that was used to debate and address the contours of the system of government which would emerge after independence of the country. This is because it helped in bringing together delegates from all the 13 colonies to discuss issues related to the formation of the new governments in the summer of 1775. Such proves that the Congress created a platform to bring people from different backgrounds to discuss issues related to governance.

The platform helped in ensuring that the first government was all inclusive and that ideas of every party was taken into consideration and that there was the ease of running the new government after independence. By making the first government all inclusive, there was the ease of delivering goals set by the Congress and ensure that issues of concern to citizens were put core to the formation of the new government. Finally, Americans realized that they were not unified and that the same would affect them negatively in their war. In this manner, the secretariat the Second Continental Congress used the platform to address issues related to unity of Americans how to improve the strength of the military to combat the colonial powers. Unity of the military was a great challenge to the efforts of delivering the country. This is because many leaders could potentially lead disparate armed forces.

It is a matter of importance to appreciate the role of the Second Continental Congress to help in saving America from colonial powers and create an opportunity for Americans to develop themselves and have the freedom they need to help in the improvement of the living conditions of the population. The organization of liberation from colonialists required strategic organization and it was only possible from the Second Continental Congress.

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