Essay on the American Civil War: Causes & Influence

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Date:  2023-02-12

The American civil war of 1861 happened in 4 years, and it had influences from the different forces. The other cases and laws that took place at this period influenced how the American civil war of 1861 changed the people. The civil war took place between the united states and the 11 southern states that at long last formed a confederate state of United States of America. The compromise of 1850 is taken as the primary influencer of the American Civil War since it had five different packages of bills. The bills were passed in 1850 in the United States Congress, and it defused an unusual political confrontation between the free states and slaves. The issues of territories lead to the intense of the Mexican American Civil war. Secondly, the Fugitive Slave Law was another impactor that was passed in the United States Congress of 1850. It comprised the interests of slaves from Southern and the Northern Free-Soilers. The dogs were used to follow up the runaway slaves, thus creating more intense of the civil war (El, A. O., & Vintage Books 2017).

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Thirdly, Lincoln-Douglas debates were arranged with different debates between Republican challenger and the Democratic senator. The meetings conducted had significant concerns with the problem of slavery extension for the diverse territories. The Mexican War was impacted mainly due to the introduction of the diverse boundaries that induced more occurrence of the American Civil war of 1861. Based on the historical facts, the American civil war was inevitable due to the causes of the war having been influenced by the laws and the holding of the conferences. The American Civil War remained inevitable for a long time since the causes were organized and influenced by political parties and the issues of territories (Illinois State Historical Society., & Knox College 1958).

The American Supreme Court is the highest court in the American court system, and it decides the moral cases on racism, discrimination. The case of Ferguson vs. Plessy was solved out since it involved the discrimination of the other people. The United States Supreme Court has the mandate of deciding on legal or moral cases. However, their decisions are not morally accepted in some scenarios, thus depicting the imperfections and deficits of the legal system (Warren, C. 2011).

In summary, the supreme court remains to have the power to decide on the legal and moral issues exempted on the cases that should be implemented for the system to work effectively.


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