Essay on Staff Burnout & Compassion Fatigue: Study at Heartland Behavioral Healthcare

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Date:  2022-12-27


The study was conducted at Heartland Behavioral Healthcare facility. Information was gathered through a five-question survey among staff individuals at the psychological medical clinic. Thirty staffs took an interest, and the results showed that social specialists and therapists have high levels with regards to burnout and compassion fatigue. Besides, it was discovered that laborers with over one year of experience had a generous increment with regards to burnout and fatigue marks. It was additionally found that staff who encountered an unfavorable life occasion inside the most recent year were progressively inclined to exhaustion. This research helped directors and other group pioneers recognize staff that was in danger of building up the adverse outcomes of burnout. At long last, it was discovered that female had for the most of high levels of compassion fatigue.

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The social work field is outstanding to be in danger of encountering burnout and stress. It is a field that is for the most part customer based with difficult circumstances. The center of social work is building affinity with customers, and the association with customers is urgent in the field. This examination proposes that since social specialists are prepared to be non-judgmental in their associations with customers that it may be difficult to admit that frames of mind and diverse identities in customers make successful administration incredibly distressing and troublesome.

The finding showed that social laborers have more prominent pressure and resulting burnout when contrasted with health experts. Likewise, finding demonstrated that what generally contributes to burnout and stress included remaining task at hand and the workplace of the organization. Low proficient confidence was related as a hazard factor of creating burnout among staff. The staff that were not sure about their training are increasingly inclined to higher worry in the working environment. Another aftereffect of this investigation was that it discovered that statistic factors don't appear to identify with the burnout and stress necessarily.

Moreover, it was discovered that social specialists face for the most part inside clashes with their customers because of wrong desire from customers. At last, it was found that high supervision and collaboration help with checking pressure and burnout. Doctors, dieticians, and advisors are altogether callings that ordinarily advise customers distinctive approaches to, by and large, be more beneficial and care more for themselves. Helping experts invest a lot of energy assisting other people in helping themselves and regularly disregard to support themselves. Self-care is picking up prominence as a result of its psychological, physical, and enthusiastic advantages. Spirituality is an idea that has not gotten much consideration before and is frequently let well enough alone for studies. This leaves a hole in the all-encompassing ways to deal with self-care contemplates.

The finding demonstrated that performing religious self-care exercises like singing the profound tune all the more frequently lessen nervousness with an enormous edge when contrasted with performing non-religious activities. Consequently, it is discovered that staffs who participate in enduring religious practices had a positive inclination in their life. Likewise, they are believed to have better life satisfaction and bliss when contrasted with staff who does not participate in religious practices. At long last, it was discovered that taking part in self-care practices, for example, singing otherworldly tunes diminishes worry among individuals.

Another critical term from this investigation is care. "Care is a regularly empowered subject and the motivation for some, self-care rehearses every now and again being advanced, including different techniques for controlled breathing and perception works out. Care is one apparatus in the present weapons store of self-care strategies. However, further investigation and exact examination in the field of self-care is continually finding new varieties and uses for self-care" (Hall, 2015). Care enables helping experts to keep up mental prosperity.

This research concentrated more on the accentuation of self-care and how it impacts specialists physically. Finding demonstrated that the vast majority of the nursing experts need self-care rehearses; this has contributed them to have abundance weight. Additionally, it has driven them to have expanded BMI, which make them inclined to maladies, for example, coronary illness, malignancy, stroke hypertension, dementia, and kidney infection. Besides, it was discovered that physical exercises and weight the board direct, for example, eating dinners all the more frequently lessen uneasiness and wretchedness among staff. At last, it was discovered that carelessness to weight the executives and self-care isn't experienced by nursing experts alone yet additionally staff working in an alternate calling. This is a direct result of occupied timetables, move work, and guardian stress.

Strengths and limitations

The research has many advantages and strengths. The study employed stratified sampling. This kind of sampling technique requires a small sample which saves on money. The size of the sample also provides greater precision than a simple random sampling technique.

Furthermore, given that the employees work for the facility, the variables for observation are readily available. The research design is very simple as well which helps the study and the program to run smoothly and efficiently for the entire time in natural settings. The survey is also a five-question interview. This takes up very little time of the people under study and is less involving too which provides more time needed for the analysis period. It moreover prevents the respondent from getting bored during the survey as this would pose the risk of him/her presenting wrong information or data due to the lack of interest.

The study is faced by various setbacks too. Firstly, the lack of a control group poses many threats of validity. The results, most especially may not be assumed valid due to the absence of the control group. Secondly, the research faces threats from selection bias. Since the study involved a survey that was conducted on only thirty staff members of Heartland Behavioral Healthcare, the criterion used in the selection process could be deemed as a setback. The healthcare facility has numerous employees, out of which only thirty of them were needed for the survey. The sampling method could be affected by selection bias given that the employees have diverse backgrounds, ages, races, ethnicities, and characteristics and are working for the same organization. Another threat could be that the sample could not be fully representative of the population under study, though the research, through the sampling technique chosen, tries to make it as close as possible to the entire population, considering almost all cases potential that can be in the population. Finally, the caregivers chosen in the strata to be surveyed may hold back critical information to the research. This may in one way or another affect the results depending on how much the respondent is willing to open up on an issue.


From the extensive study conducted above, it is evident that various aspects come into play pertaining the mentality and attitude of service delivery among caregivers, most notably when they have to deal with mentally ill patients as in the case in Heartland Behavioral Healthcare. Self-care is an aspect of great importance and requires much emphasis. It is highly recommended, therefore, that in a bid to boost the employees' attitude at work and relieve them from stresses that may affect their work, the organization should engage its staff often in self-care activities. Such activities play a crucial role in relieving stress among the workers and reduce burnout as well. Social workers in the organization should as well be trained on how to handle customer or patient-related problems. They should be equipped with such skills since they help prevent them from being judgmental and acquiring a poor attitude towards the work.


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