Essay on Reflecting to Secure a Fulfilling Career: Utilizing Coursework Skills & Knowledge

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Date:  2023-06-06

Reflecting on how the skills and knowledge acquired during coursework affect a student's future career choice is vital to guarantee a satisfying and fulfilling career. Students should carry out such reflections by self-evaluating themselves on different skills and knowledge acquired and how they can be applied in future. This activity is becoming more critical as more people support the argument that colleges are offering their students education rather both education and training. To reflect on how the skills of writing, researching, presenting, and teamwork are likely to impact my future career as a Blockchain developer, I decided to look up the occupation on Occupational Outlook Handbook of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In this essay, I will compare the duties of my chosen career to what I have learnt in class.

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Understanding who is a Blockchain developer is vital in my reflection because it will help identify the skills such professionals need to possess. A Blockchain developer is a person responsible for developing and optimizing protocols, developing smart contracts, and crafting the architecture of Blockchain systems. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, one of the primary duties of developers includes analyzing the user's needs to design, develop, and test software to meet the identified needs. Therefore, employers in this sector want people who can assess a situation objectively, view cases from multiple perspectives and gather the necessary information. As a Blockchain developer, I would need the skills to know how to find and assess the most up-to-date information. Research skills will be among the most useful in the field of Blockchain development. Additionally, through research, I will be able to learn about new capabilities that will help me advance my career.

Because of the expansive nature of Blockchain development, the Occupational Outlook Handbook maintains that professionals in this sector need to document every aspect of an application to act as a reference in future upgrades and maintenance. In fact, documentation is one of the roles of Blockchain developers. In some companies, developers have to write the entire code by themselves, which requires advanced writing skills because a single mistake could ruin millions of lines of code. Writing and presenting skills are imperative in effectively conducting this role. Additionally, programmers have to write reports that accompany their projects. Learning the skill of report writing guarantees that developers can effectively use written communication. To enhance my oral communication skills, I will continually look for opportunities to make engaging presentations that are enhanced with audio-visuals.


The skills of working in groups are crucial for everyone in technical fields of work, such as Blockchain development. One of the duties of software developers is creating optimum software which in most cases, requires people to work in teams. Many technology-related companies have an organizational culture that emphasizes the importance of teamwork in getting things done. As a result, top managers in this sector usually allocate projects to groups of people because these projects may prove challenging to be conducted by a single person. The ability to effectively use technology tools will ensure that my role and duties as a blockchain developer are simplified. For instance, developers usually work by giving instructions to computer programmers. Furthermore, my responsibilities as a developer will require constant use of analytical tools, advanced software such as python, and complicated programming languages.

Work Cited

Occupational Outlook Handbook. "United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics website." (2018).

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