Essay on Reaping Benefits of Disabled Worker Diversity: Tangible Benefits of Hiring Disabled Employees

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Date:  2023-01-29


Diversity is the variation in defining the workforce within an organization (Ameri et al., 2018). The diversity differentiation includes defining uniqueness in personal characters like age, sex, marital status, tribe, incapacitation, and race, among others. Contemporary organizations are diversifying their workforce by employing disabled people to reap the numerous benefits that are associated with organizational diversity.

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Tangible Benefits of Hiring Disabled Employees

A department that actively engages in hiring disabled people is likely to enjoy tangible benefits, which include creating a more diverse pool of workforce that can handle different operations within the departments. The workforce pool leads to enthusiastic working and sharing of ideas hence simplifying work opportunities. The other benefit is that the organization will be exempted from numerous taxes hence enjoying tax benefits that are accrued from employing disabled staff. Enthusiastic work and honesty by the disabled will also lead to increased job efficiency (Ameri et al., 2018).

Intangible Benefits of Hiring Disabled Staff

An organization that emerges as a leader in hiring disabled staff enjoys other intangible benefits such as the creation of a positive public image which sales the company as an equal opportunity employer (Ameri et al., 2018). A leader in the hiring of disabled staff also benefits by boosting the morale of other staffs in the organization. The boost in morale translates to increased productivity in the organization (Kirton & Greene, 2015).

Barriers That Disabled Employees Face In Obtaining Employment

Disabled individuals face different difficulties in attaining job opportunities. The political challenge that disabled people face is inadequate allocation of special job opportunities to them by the authorities (Kirton & Greene, 2015). The economic challenge that disabled individuals face is that they have inadequate resources to buy equipment they can use to reach work on time. Physical barriers include the structural obstacles and the fixed humanmade office environments that prevent access and mobility of their wheelchairs hence limiting their freedom and apace to work effectively (Kirton & Greene, 2015). The disabled also face social barriers in their quest for employment opportunities. Failure to protect some of the job opportunities by organizations would lead to a reduced number of disabled employees in our organizations as most ordinary people overlook disabled employees (Ameri et al., 2018).

Creating an Accommodative Environment for all Employees

The operations manager will need to implement numerous activities to ensure a balanced environment for all employees in the organization. One of the ways that the operations manager can foster an inclusive workplace for the disabled employees is by offering training in specific tasks they will be required to perform at the firm. Training sharpens their skills hence mastering the work (Ameri et al., 2018). The operations manager can also identify and connect the disabled applicants that are qualified for the job directly to the recruitment officers for evaluation. The operation manager can further establish a disability and workforce development service, providers. The disability service providers will be responsible for fir taking care of disabled employees to ensure their safety while on the job to avoid accidents (Kirton & Greene, 2015).


Diversity is significant in ensuring a positive image of an organization. An organization that hires disabled employees will accrue both tangible and intangible benefits such as increased revenue and positive public image. The operations managers need to establish rules that will protect disabled employees from harassment at workplaces.


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