Essay on President Shepherd's Inspiring Speech: An Example of Character and Leadership

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Date:  2023-04-08

A president needs to have a character and personality. If a president or leader lacks substance or has nothing unique, the citizens will have nothing to know he is capable. They will not know if they can trust him to make appropriate decisions. Also, citizens will not know if he will be honest to them (Edwards, 2018). This approach is precise what president shepherd victoriously speaks in his press speech addressing Bob Rumson.

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The president's speech is genuinely an inspiration, and we can get to understand the techniques he applies to make the speech catchy. The most common point in the president's speech is love, belonging, and esteem. According to Maslow's hierarchy, love and belonging entail romantic relations and bond to family members and allies: Examples include acceptance, friendship, giving and receiving love and affection, being part of a team, affiliating and intimacy (Soni, 2018). Esteem needs entail the aspiration to feel fantastic about ourselves and feeling that other people have noticed our accomplishment and contributions.

The relationship between the people and the president is a charming one. The president stands firm on the links that hold the state, and the citizens are mainly his speech the president believes that politics help easily Americans who, acknowledge their innerness. From his speech, the president speaks out clearly to the audience that he is good compared to his opponent Bob Rumson, simply because shepherd believes he is well learned, charming, and obliged for America nerdy, and Rumson possess neither of them(Sorkin,1999). The speech leads us to understand that the usual goodness does not just exist in the political scene but also as a high-minded one.

Another point the president emphasizes is the upright goodness of a large government. Citizens desire leadership, and if they lack truthful guidance, they will pay attention to anyone who speaks.

The president's speech suggests that American people cannot enclose themselves from trusts. They identify abhorrently they desire to observe the right of expression inherent to democratic community. Also, as the impact that people symbols cannot be clasped sacred regardless of whether the ideals beneath the symbols are justly cherished, is the kind of nuanced political narration genuine politicians hardly display. The speech progress pulses with urgency while espousing thoughts and policy programs, explicit help of the ACLU, strict gun regulation strategies, and the constitutionality of burning flag, which left-leaning citizens gravitated to endorse.

With a sole of the strike speech, delivered truthful and passionately, the president is capable of, besides other matters, rescuing his leadership, dignity, relationship. The partisan would debate, to save his state .which is on the one side and evidence to the capability of his words.

The president attacks Rumson by applying one of the compelling emotional techniques, engaging in a personal sense of nationalism. He interrogates Rumson's patriotism pride by claiming that Rumson does not side with the constitution. The president continuous with a rhetoric question, "what genuine nationals would not embrace and support the reason that their state stands firm?" In that similar swift act, the president declares his stand as a patriot.

In his entire speech, the president's motive develops and increases, as the press come to realize Shepherd's aim in addressing the speech: which is to pull out, his name from the political conflict of his opponent and to confirm to the citizens that he is the suitable person to govern the state.


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