Essay Sample on Effective Leadership: Determining the Success of an Organization

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Leadership is an essential hierarchy in an organization which determines whether a company will be successful or fail towards its given goals. Many organizations tend to hire leaders that influence the success of the company towards archiving the intended success. However, there are different approaches that different leaders of the various organizations tend to use that fail to work correctly thus leading to the company's failure (Lee & Hwang 2016). According to this research it is clear that good leadership not only leads to the success of an organization, but it can also lead to a breakdown, for example, the startups to disrupt. The two discussed companies that failed due to poor leadership are the Dell Technologies and the Blackberry Company. Dell Technologies failed because of poor decision making, legal problems and lack of innovation which shuttered the company's great promise of success (Talmaciu 2014). On the other hand, Blackberry Company also failed due to its great history of nepotism through poor leadership and its habit of promoting people within based on tenure rather than on skills and potential to lead, and this led to the failure of the company.

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There are similarities and differences in the change model that this company used to get back into the market actively. As per their problems, the first change models that both the companies implemented is efficient go-to-market. For instance, both the companies decided to majorly focus on the licensing, developer, partner, and sales strategy that befits the enterprise company (Lee & Hwang 2016). For example the blackberry company focused on selecting third party manufacturers who would build, market, distribute, and sell BlackBerry-branded phones. The second change models that both the companies had was operational excellence.

Both companies after a severe failure of their management platform, the operation excellence was one of the primary strategies that both the companies opted to create. For example the Dell Technologies leadership created an awareness that explains to their employees that digital transformation is a priority. Also they encouraged them to collaborate throughout the organization so that they can succeed. The third change model similarities between the two companies are the growth and profitability which highlighted how the two companies focused on growing from their software and services portfolios (Talmaciu 2014). These change models enabled the two companies to overcome their failure and focus on the future of the expected market which determined the standard profit margins positively.

Apart from the similarities in the change models, these two companies also had different change models that were different according to the leaders of the company's annotations one of the significant differences that the two companies had on their strategies to become successful (Talmaciu 2014). One of the considerable different change models between the two companies is that the blackberry focused majorly on partnerships which enabled them to archive positive results on the market through collaboration with other companies while Dell Technologies on the introduction of technology and human machines which also introduced them to the market. Another significant change model differences that the two companies took was that the blackberry used the cost control (Lee & Hwang 2016). This enabled the blackberry company to archive a whopping two-thirds less than the amount of the company used up in their previous quarter which was a better start for the company.

Dell technologies, on the other hand, focused on workforce transformation, which majorly focused on collaboration and cooperation with humans in the workplace. The other difference between the two companies changes model is the ambition portrayed by the blackberry company. Despite losing the market share in the smartphone world, it continued producing and unveiling audacious projects like their project Ion which is determined to replace blackberry on the internet (Talmaciu 2014). Dell technology focused on breadth of experience for the business transformation which created a better conversion for the company employee's selection and how they practice doing things as per the company's guidelines. The vast differences that the two companies portray according to their change models are realism (Lee & Hwang 2016). Blackberry Company chose to focus on realism after a severe fall on their product which forced the new director MR. Chen to concentrate more on fortifying and expanding the company's enterprise consumer base.

On the other hand, Dell technologies focused more on client solutions groups and operations, which enabled them to create a more fundamental culture shift for the organization, end-users, the IT team and shareholders in general (Talmaciu 2014). Therefore it helped them to be ready for any business model that the company produced or somewhat challenging to provide an acute service for the company. These actions enabled the company to archive their goal positively.


Conclusively, a critical understanding of the leadership theories is essential in creating the desired change in any given organization. For instance, Dell technologies and Blackberry company both was at the brink of failing, but they realized early proper strategic skills and abilities that can change how the company function and how they can become the consumer's choices again. All these are important because of the change in leadership and practices


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