Essay on Paul's Journey to Self-Acceptance: An Analysis of Lawrence's 'Rocking Horse'

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Date:  2023-03-28


The Rocking Horse focuses more on parents to children relationship, which is exhibited by Paul and his mother. The story by Lawrence portrays Paul as a character who wants to show the world importance of self-acceptance and appreciation to others, especially his own family. The story teaches people about the impacts of seesawing with other people feeling and self desired thought (Lawrence, 1966). The central conflict in the story is portrayed in when Paul shows his skill/talent of telling the winner in horse riding through his tricks and supoerntaural forces of telling gorse winner. More challenges are faced when Paul decides to take another phase in life, which is related to famili8al and wealth status contributed by horse games. Therefore, Paul faces a hard life after he shows that he wanted to make this family feel happy brocking on horses tricks rather than following true happiness.

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Basic Conflict in prodigal Son

On the other hand, conflict aspects are depicted in Prodigal Son story in the Gospel of luke in various ways. However, the other brother decides to spend his inherited wealth to other desired and materialistic things and ends up wasting his life (Park, 2009). However, after rethinking about his feature, he notes that the family is the only thing that he was left with and decides to apologize to his father. The elder brother who spends his wealth wisely and manages to reach his desired life. The central conflict occurs when the elder brother is angered regarding his father's decision; this is because his father chose to take back the prodigal son and ignore the elder's son contribution to his wealth.

Tension Building in each Story

Tension in the Rocking Horse is detected in two phases, which include self tension and external conflict-related tension with members of the family. Paul wishes to keep up with the Joneses (Rocking Horse Winner), but in the long run, he ends up facing psychological trauma. Pual's parent wants to have a beautiful life which they can reach a social class with quantitative values that they can afford their basic needs and other needs in society. However. Paul seems to forget about his parent's efforts rising him and at the same time, feels that he is supposed to take care of them, which is not the case. Tension is shown when prodigal son's brother shows discontention regarding his father's decision.

Ways of Experiencing Conflict

Emotional and physical pressure affects the prodigal son as he wished to see his parents happy and feel the familial love that he faced. Prodigal son story also relates to the previous story since the prodigal son is emotionally affected by the need to return to his family and make his father happy once again. There are also as[pects of emotional and physical conflicts/tension shown by parents and the victims in both tories. In Rocking Horse, Paul faces psychological forces when he thinks about gis parents wishes, but he also sees that he turned them down and choose other ways. Physical aspects are shown by the effects of playing the luck game; this is because it was seen to expose danger, greed, and materialism.

Resolving the Conflict

In the prodigal son the father decided to support the extravagant some after asking for acceptance and forgiveness, the father deices to solve the conflict by sh0owing why recognition is essential in the society. The prodigal son gets another chance to be accepted in the family and also have a close relationship with Jesus. Paul, in Rocking Horse, decides to incorporate his family to his racing activities. Paul manages to save his issues alone, but later his health is affected. The emotional conflict is solved when his mother Hester and his uncle Oscar show concern about his dreams.

Deepest Sympathy

Much sympathy goes to paul since he showed parental love from the start and also strives to make things up when he noticed he wronged. However, the prodigal son decided to spend his inheritance with material things but initially, he never thought about where he came from (he realized it (afterwards).

Touching on the themes

The major themes in both stories are forgiveness, materials, and family; this is because they are depicted in every story. Themes in both stories are similar; there are also other themes that can be taken from both story which includes; love and gender. The author conveys the theme to the reader in the first story as paul seeks forgiveness indirectly after emotional affections and choosing to support his family with trues Happiness. Th author coveys the themes prodigal son as he goes through self-acceptance, and seeks forgiveness to get but to familial love.

In Relation to Authors Purpose

The authors choose to create a problem and then have the problem solved by people in society or self-affected individuals. For instance, there is self-conflict when paul shows these supernatural powers and at the same time wishes to get back to familial love and emotional affections. The elder brother in and story spends his wealth wisely and manages to reach his desired life. However, in both stories, family members and the protagonists decide to interrupt.

Speaking About Theme- Author's Perspective

The author chooses a real-life scenario to those people who think that they are fortunate in life as depicted in Rocking Horse. However, in the prodigal son, the author alludes to biblical happening and motives, which includes forgiveness, care, love, repentance, acceptance.


Lawrence, D. H. (1966). The rocking-horse winner. Dramatic Publishing.

Park, R. (2009). Revisiting the parable of the prodigal son for decolonization: Luke's reconfiguration of Oikos in 15: 11-32. Biblical Interpretation, 17(5), 507-520.

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