Essay on Maximizing Impact: Koe Koe Tech Develops Sustainable Goals for Social Entrepreneurship

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Date:  2023-04-24

Impact mapping is an ideal strategy that allows investors to set and visualize business goals and come up with strategic ways to achieve such goals (Adzic & Bisset, 2012). In this context, Koe Koe tech develops sustainable development goals, including partnering with NGOs in an attempt to measure social impact and transforming its business model. Most businesses apply this concept as a way of promoting entrepreneurial culture in society, commonly known as social entrepreneurship. In social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and start-up companies develop and implement solutions that help to solve social and environmental issues. Social entrepreneurs are either non-profit makers or try to generate positive profits goals by utilizing different metrics. Thus, on a broader concept, social entrepreneurship furthers both social and cultural goals that are related to the voluntary sector to address societal problems.

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Koe Koe tech develops sustainable goals, business goals, motivations as well as partnering up with other organizations to improve social health and to enhance its business model. Koe Koe Tech is an IT company with over 120 employees. Most of its services include software development, graphic designing, data management, and other IT operations. The company develops innovative models that improve health. The company's app, maymay, is a news feed health app that helps people to learn about health and some basic facts about nutrition. Therefore, the company can solve societal problems as well as visualize its business goals and achieve them.

In an attempt to promote societal entrepreneurship, the company has extended its operation abroad and employ the locals. Koe Koe is a tech firm, and deploying all its employees is expensive. Therefore, the company trains the locals to handle its operations. It is a win-win strategy. The locals get jobs, and the company acquires cheap labor. Thus, the company will achieve its business goals and promote societal entrepreneurship.

The enterprise has changed management style in its aim to achieve social entrepreneurship. They have three types of managers, namely line managers, engineering managers and regular managers. However, despite having this kind of management, the company has an informal office culture. Formal styles rarely work when trying to help people or solve problems. It does not matter whether they are employees or societal beings. Koe Koe tech tries to understand the people's problems, learn their culture and derive specific means to solve their issue. Additionally, the company is conducting e-consulting by helping people answer their elementary issues online. Therefore, this is a good strategy that not only visualizes business goals and promotes its image but also fixes society problems.

Koe koe is trying to solve the health problems is the society through its smartphone app tailored to help women and children keep health guidelines and nutrition. The app helps to reduce significant health problems experienced in society. The enterprise focuses on eliminating health issues most people experience today. The company partners with other businesses to invest and help society. The broad goal the enterprise is hoping to achieve is to make a difference in the community. The app reminds people what they need to do to remain healthy through push notifications. It helps to save lives since pregnant women and those with small children will be guided to take due measures in ensuring their unborn and little children are safe and healthy. It also helps them to check out hospitals, maternity products, baby products, and other essential information. Besides, the app not only remind women about health and fitness but also about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. With such innovative concepts, the company attracts investors, NGOs, and other stakeholders to invest in this project. Therefore, the company will end up fixing societal issues and promoting its entrepreneurial goals.

Koe Koe is a prominent tech company that genuinely cares for the people of Myanmar. The company focus on developing various means that bring a lasting solution to people. It majorly focuses on mobile health systems that help people keep a healthy lifestyle. The company's main goals include reducing child and maternal rates, improve health indicators, and social lifestyle. Through the maymay app, the residents receive directives on how to maintain their health through push notifications. Besides, the app is free to download and use. Thus, this concept leverage the technology power to democratize health. It has saved lives and improve people's lifestyles in both developing and developed countries.

The company has key stakeholder groups. It is comprised of Myanmar citizens who come from modest social-economic backgrounds. The workforce includes Muslims, Buddhists, Burmese, Christians, and other ethnic minorities. Therefore, the composition of stakeholders is diverse. Different people hold different positions, including Chief Executive officers, managers, technicians, and subordinates. All these stakeholders are essential when processing an impact map. However, I would choose the CEOs, Managers, and technicians when creating an impact map. The reason being, the impact map requires strategic individuals whose contribution is imperative towards its success. For instance, CEOs have an overall influence. They are responsible for making key decisions, including authorizations and financing. On the other hand, managers are responsible for implementation, follow-ups, and hiring. Lastly, technicians are vital when it comes to giving new ideas, app development, and engagement. Therefore, each stakeholder is equally crucial in impact mapping.

Impact mapping has several elements. As mentioned earlier, impact mapping is a significant technique for solving problems. It is a gradual process that entails different levels of steps and elements. Some of the essential elements include a challenge or unfavorable condition, different activities, outputs, and outcomes. In this context, the challenge is the health problem. People are unable to access the elementary medical information they need to survive. For instance, pregnant women did not have sufficient information on how to conduct themselves during the entire period. Perhaps, most of them died, while others delivered children with deformities. Therefore, this was a challenge that needed to be handled by Koe Koe Technology Company.

In an attempt to create impact mapping, Koe Koe enterprises carried various activities to ensure it was successful. The company researched to discover various problems affecting society. The company carried out various questionnaires to determine which areas in the society needed assistance. The company determined that most people, especially the middle class, lacked sufficient health care information for a better lifestyle. Additionally, the enterprise determined that over 50% of Myanmar residents own a smartphone. Therefore, the company decided to come up with a smartphone app that will guide people to live a healthy lifestyle. The invention of a maymay app was an output that has changed a lot of people's lives.

As an outcome, people no longer have problems accessing medical information they need. The mortality rate of children and pregnant women have increasingly declined since the app was developed. People can practice medical caution using the guideline outlined in the app. Maymay app is the most downloaded app today. The reason being, it provides people with necessary information on lifestyle, health, and fashion. Consequently, the app ends being beneficial to both the enterprise and society. Therefore, Koe Koe Tech can reach a significant number of people through its app, whereas solving issues people are facing in society.

The ultimate goal of the organization was to help people overcome their health problems. More so, it aims at bringing together different stakeholders and organizations to overcome health-related issues in the country. This was an ideal way to change the business models to a new level. Sometimes, profits are not enough for the success of a business. Social development helps to promote the company's image. Business goals are important than profits. If the enterprise can achieve its performance goal, solve social problems, and promote social entrepreneurship, it means that its growth is exponential. Therefore, Koe Koe Company achieved its goals and mission.

Nevertheless, Koe Koe enterprise was not precise with their impact mapping. There are several assumptions they made, which might be a problem with their work. For instance, the company determined that 50% of the residents own a smartphone. Whereas this might seem ideal, most of these phones are not functional as they ought to be. Only a few people can use their phones without difficulties in downloading the application. Secondly, most people in Myanmar have no access to internet connection. Thus, this means that only a few numbers of people can download and conveniently use it due to insufficient internet. Besides, for one to receive push notifications, they must be connected to the internet. Thirdly, the enterprise did not consider the literacy levels of the residents. Most of them have smartphones but cannot read messages due to low illiteracy levels. Therefore, these are some of the major setbacks the company went through in an attempt to solve societal problems.

All in all, impact mapping is the ideal way to promote social and cultural entrepreneurship to visualize the company's goals. Koe Koe tech came up with a collaborative and lightweight technique to make a significant impact through a software. It is based on planning, interaction, and focused driven outcomes that help to achieve business goals. Impact map also helps stakeholders and other delivery teams to visualize roadmaps, determine the connection between the deliverables and user needs, and explain how the outcome achieves organizational goals (Brown et al, 2014). Impact mapping is collaborative, visual, and fast. It helps to connect people from various backgrounds to document critical decisions. Additionally, impact mapping provides adequate information or structure prioritizing, planning, and implementing. As in the content above, Koe Koe came up with a strategic map impact that allowed it to achieve organizational goals as well as helping the society. All this was successful since the impact map was carefully structured and followed. It involved the relevant stakeholder, planners, and goals. Thus, impact mapping has helped the company to grow and achieve business goals easily.


Adzic, G., & Bisset, M. (2012). Impact Mapping: Making a big impact with software products and projects. Provoking Thoughts Limited.

Brown, C. J., Saunders, M. I., Possingham, H. P., & Richardson, A. J. (2014). Interactions between global and local stressors of ecosystems determine management effectiveness in cumulative impact mapping. Diversity and Distributions, 20(5), 538-546.

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