Essay on Latinx Identity In Hegemonic U.S.A

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Date:  2022-03-27


For most Latinos growing up in the United States of America has not gone without the struggle of carving out a cultural niche for themselves and their generation. The cultural contest has not gone without a fight coming from the society that is dominated by a Westernized culture that pays very little attention to the Hispanic speaking people of Latinx. The dynamics of donning the Latinx identity calls for the redefining and pushing for recognition of the very elements of the Hispanic society.

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The unifying factor of the Latinox society has seen them struggling with the juggling their language in line with the English language that is widely spoken in the U.S.A. The confusing factor has been the struggle by the Latinox bringing into fore the traditional Hispanic language as a cultural aspect and initiating the Latinox festivals as well as respecting their cultural calendar without interfering with the traditional American calendars. The pressure has been on the youthful Latinox who are pressured from their parents to be more Latino under the American context. However, the language factor has been the greatest doing for most of the Latinx who have been able to learn and appreciate their traditional cultures through educative, cultural festivals. The Latinx cultural events have been their greatest doing and identity tag in a society that is riddled with a lot of influence about American social practices.

The society Latinox society has been under immense pressure to assert their identity in the hegemonic American culture, which is predominantly white racially. The Hispanic society, Latinox included have been able to make their skin tone an identity that sets them aside from the dominant indigenous Americans that are light-skinned. The appreciation and the appreciation of the unique skin tone for the Latinox coupled with the relatively dark and curled hair has been an identity they have flaunted freely and proudly. The Latinx are easily differentiated from the rest of society by simply observing their skin colour and being able to make sense of their racial uniqueness.

Education has been a pillar in the maintenance of the Latinx identity and tradition. In the American society which is pro formal education, the Latinox has cut a niche of traditional education in the Hispanic speaking community which has given them a cutting edge in the nation that is predominantly indigenous American. The number of Latinx attending colleges and other institutions o higher learning has been on the rise in recent times, making it rather easy for society to play prominent roles in American society.


The Latinx society has been at the forefront of championing against some of the social practices that have traditionally been viewed as dogmatic. The Latinx have maintained their unique identity in as far as the gender roles are concerned, whereas the Americans have had a different approach in bridging the gap about gender roles in the society. In the U.S., it is not strange to find a husband taking care of the family, whereas the wives going out to work and providing for society. The Latinx have had a strong stand on social roles following closely with some of the minority groups such as the African-Americans. The Latinx have stood the taste of time and held strong to their traditional practices and made it possible for them to weather the storm of the hegemonic American society that has spread their influence across the globe.

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