Events and Themes for Different Holidays Essay

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Date:  2022-06-06


In creating themes or events for different religious holidays, one has to focus on the central cultural beliefs and traditions that center around these sacred holidays. Since the Envisioning alleyways aim at creating an environmental friend area for both the public and the students near the area the events to be established should focus on upholding this policy. The following are some of the events that can take place in the area during vital religious holidays;

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As a religious holiday that is celebrated worldwide, Christmas is considered as a sacred cultural tradition that aims at bringing people together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ taught his people and followers to provide services to others and care for one another (Del Re, 2004). During this festive holiday, most Christians exchange gifts and share moments together as a family or group. Therefore, the best event for this holiday is to create outdoor feasting and sharing of gifts for family members at the Alleyway. The function should focus on providing various meals such as outdoor barbeques and encourage families to come with gifts and donations which can be given to charity or the less fortunate.

The event should focus on bringing the people together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and at the same time encourage unity in the community. The central theme should be teaching the people on caring for one another together with sharing the little we have with the less fortunate. People can donate clothes, food or money which can be used to help the less fortunate and ensure that they get to enjoy the Christmas festivities. Sharing and caring for others was an ideology that was preached by Jesus Christ during his ministry in the world. Therefore, the event can serve as an example of how Jesus Christ intends us to live with one another. Such an event will help bring the people together and promote unity in the area.

Chinese New Year

Also known as, Spring Festival, is an essential Chinese festival which is mostly influenced and associated with numerous Chinese myths and customs which mark this important day in the Chinese calendar. During this holiday, the Chinese people take time to honor some of the ancient community deities through dancing and to decorate their doors and windows with red color couplets and paper cuts (Yeh, 2004). In addition to this the evening preceding the event, it is the tradition of the people to clean their houses to invite good luck and sweep away ill-fortunes. Therefore one of the critical functions that can be held in the alley is holding a community clean up on the day before the event.

The community clean up will focus on creating a clean environment for the people living in the area, and at the same time, it will be in line with the Chinese traditions practiced on this particular day. The people can create dustbins and place them on different corners of the streets to encourage environmental safe keeping which is one of the missions of the establishment of this alleyway.

Eid al- Fitr

This holiday marks the end of the holy month of Ramadhan (Eck, 2002). Therefore the best theme to establish for this event is to paint the streets in color purple together with gold to represent the light that Muslims use as they conduct their prayers during this event which mostly takes place at night. The colors will help encourage togetherness and assure our Muslims brothers and sisters that we are with them during this prayerful moment in their religious traditions. This color combination can create an aesthetic appearance in the alleyways encouraging peace and togetherness among the community members living in the area.


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