Essay on Disasters that Occur Because of a Company's Weak Computer Security Network

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Business continuity plan helps the company to operate through any interruptions efficiently. It helps the business to maintain high profitability ratios after not only the disasters and calamities experienced by the business but also in the event of smaller interruptions and challenges faced by the business. Computer security network is one of the factors that affect the smooth continuity of business. Computer security network enables the business to share statistics and data. It facilitates the sharing of resources among the various stakeholders of the business. The system allows the computing devices to exchange connections and data between them. It involves the establishment of capable media such as optic cables and wires and enables the exchange of information between one department and the other. It guarantees effective interpersonal communications in an organization. Computing network security should be strong to ensure the protection of the business information (Turban, King, Lee, Liang & Turban, 2015). It guarantees the confidentiality of the business. A strong computer network system also ensures only authorized individuals to access the company's information. A weak computer network security leads to the development of various disasters that affect the operation and growth of the company. A company with weak computer network security experiences disasters that affect the smooth operation, the profitability of the firm and sustainability of the company.

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Background Information

A family business should be flexible and straightforward regarding operation, regulation, and management. Such enterprises experience low computer network security challenges due to their structure. Family business exhibit a high level of trust and commitment among the business stakeholders due to the few numbers of people involved in the business. Ramis Restaurant has been a family business for ten years. The business started as a small food outlet serving only the residential location. However, the business has significantly expanded over the years and acquires another branch. The business has since focused on the use of computer network security to improve the productivity and to guarantee the sustainability of the business. The strong computer network security was fundamental to the initial growth of the enterprise. However, the business has experienced stagnant growth because of the weak computer network systems experienced in the recent years. Weak computer network security is a threat to the confidentiality of the business information (Kizza, 2017).It also lowers the operation levels within the business. Computer security is a complex and sophisticated aspect and very difficult to detect in the market. Failing to detect computer breaches is one the challenges the business experienced in the recent years. Undetected computer network security challenges and violations in industry cost the business millions at the end of every financial year. The existence of weak computer network security in the business also negatively impacts on the general security and infrastructure of the business. For a family business, every computer network security approach should aim at solving the business challenges and satisfying the needs of the business clients. Working with an unfamiliar technology always results in the development of computer network security breaches that affect the operation of the business (Griffith, Stephenson & Watson, 2014). Such unfamiliar technology results in the development of weak computer network security and causes different disasters that affect the operation of the business.

Disasters Experienced because of the Company's Weak Computer Network Security

Unauthorized access to the company's information is one of the major disasters that arise from the existence of weak computer network in the company. Company's data is the most significant aspect of its growth and development. The access to the information is only entitled to the authorized company stakeholders. The existence of weak computer network security, however, allows unauthorized access to the enterprise information (Niemimaa, 2015). Profit and financial knowledge of the business plays a crucial role in its competitive nature in the market. Unauthorized accessed into the business financial information results in the wrongful access of the bank and account information. The business registers lose because of the unauthorized access to its banking and saving data. A computer network should be capable of detecting any unauthorized attempt at accessing the business information. However, weak computer network security fails to detect such efforts and results in the loss of the company's finance.

Every business experience different platforms where the business shares the resources with other stakeholders in the market. However, regulation of the process of sharing the firm's resources depends on the computer network system used by the business. The computer network security should store all the data and statistics of the resources used in the market and the nature of sharing experience in the market. Moreover, a substantial computer network security should store and allow access to the sharing information by the management of the business. The existence of the weak computer network security fails to avail the statics of all the transactions conducted in the market. All the managers and the relevant stakeholders should be able to access the information and detect any unlawful transaction or operation conducted on behalf of the business. The management should also have access to the knowledge of the business partners and determine any transaction and operation performed by the partners. Weak computer network security affects the efficiency of the business and leads to unlawful engagements that tarnish the image of the business. It reduces the competitiveness of the business in the market. It also results in the diminished loyalty and customer trust in the market. Hotel business, in particular, requires high levels o trust among the stakeholders and customers in the market. The inability of the business to regulate and, manage all its activities in the market results in untrustworthy of the clients. It is a detriment to the brand of the business affect the relationship between the business and its target population. It results in low-profit ratio and low competitive advantage in the market. The disaster also leads to the reduction in the consumption of the firm's products in the market. It loses many clients because of the diminished trust.

Interpersonal communication is a critical aspect of growth in any business. Computer network security greatly affects the efficiency of interpersonal interaction among the business stakeholders. Weak computer network security delays the interpersonal communication process. The business requires the exchange of files and other information regarding the operation of the business among the business management and other stakeholders. A weak computer network security system is inimical to the communication systems and affects the relationship between the various departments of the business. It results in the efficiency of the business and lowers the productivity of all the business departments. In most cases, businesses register loses because of the inefficient corporation among the stakeholders. It reduces the trust of the stakeholders towards each other. It occurs because of lack of adequate computer network security that guarantees effective communication. It is the role of the business management to formulate a strong network security system. A weak network security results in the communication delay in the business, which also delays the process of solving the various challenges, experienced in the business. A disaster also delays the operation process of the business, as different departments of the business do not link to each other easily.

A weak computer network security leads to loss of sales and income in the business. It results in the emergence of activities that hinder the daily operation of the business. It leads to loss of data that are critical in the process of sales and marketing of the firm. It affects the income generating activities of the business. A computer network security should prevent the distortion of the company's information. It should also provide recovery measures where the stakeholders can recover the information and data about all the business activities. A weak computer network security fails to provide recovery measures and leads to a loss of valuable information. It leads to the need to re-strategize and high a new team of competent experts. A weak security system implies the need to install the new and efficient method. It is congested and cannot allow operation of more individuals at the same time. A weak computer network system continually experiences congestion and network shut down that affects the operation of the business (Kizza, 2017). It leads to increased expenses for the business that leads to reduced profitability. The primary goals of every business are to maximize the profits. Failure to optimize the profits of the business results in need to close the business. It leads to financial deficits that affect the future of the firm. It changes the sustainability of the business.

Customer defection is a major disaster experienced by the business because of the existence of a weak computer network security. It leads to dissatisfaction of the customers that make most of the customers defect to the products of other competing firms in the market. A weak computer network security leads to the reduced business ability to collect data and connect with potential customers. It results in the distortion of the customer feedback and delays in the frequent check-up on customers (Woszczynski & Green, 2017). It affects the customer loyalty and the ability of the business to determine the taste and preference of the customers. A weak computer network security also results in the inability of the business to determine and abide by the regulatory standards of the market. It affects the ability of the firm to formulate its policies, laws, values and general organizational culture in correspondence with the government ethical standards. It leads to increased regulatory fines that affect the financial position of the firm. Increased regulatory fines mean increased expenses that affect the final commercial and profit ratio of the business. The disaster also affects the business ability to commence any future business plans. It lowers the creativity levels in the business. It also reduces the research levels of the organization. A weak computer network security system fails to avail all the necessary statistics required to guarantee the success of the future business (Gray, 2017).It provides weak and vague information of the market that delays the ability of the firm to plan.

Literature Review

Niemimaa conducted a study in 2015 to determine the disasters experienced by small businesses due to the existence of weak computer network security. The author used observation to determine the effects of an inadequate computer network security to determine. He also sampled and interviewed different stakeholders of small business enterprises to assess the disasters associated with weak computer network security. According to the study, information security is fundamental to the operation of the business since it increases the efficiency of communication. The author also observed that existence of a weak computer network security in an organization results in operation malpractices that affect the sustainability of the business. The author also discovered that inf...

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