Enterprise Architecture Domains and Subdomains and Online Access Request System

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Date:  2022-07-07


The enterprise architecture domains and subdomains include application integration, the information, and data, technical infrastructure as well as business architectures. In this case, the application and technology domains are quite separated from the business domains. The application domains are mainly characterized by the domain capabilities. In most cases, the application and technology domains are service oriented and are mainly supported by the software products used by the organization (Berrada, 2013).

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Application integration includes customer application used by the company, process alignment as well as the components of the application integrating.

The information or data architecture includes data integration, data delivery architect as well as analytics including the dashboard for content, and data management.

Technical infrastructure architecture includes the server, network, operating systems as well as middlewares such as firewall, and storage devices. These include all the hardware and software such as the legacy systems, ms office suite and other software required for smooth operations.

Finally, the business architectures include all the business processes, organization vision, and mission, organization structures, and business rules. These rules define how people interrelate within the company and with the external world (Oduntan & Park, 2012).

Administrative Systems & Services

Online Access Request System (OARS)

The online access request system include the modules for staff sign in to obtain access to the company's data depending on their level for access and authorization. They access the data to carry out organizational function and business.


The pathways us the components that serve the key organizational faction including:

  • Financials & Physical Resources System: accounts receivable & billing, general ledger, supply chain, procurement, inventory management modules and space management (Masuda, Shirasaka, Yamamoto & Hardjono, 2018)
  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS): organization community and lifestyles, benefits administration, human resources, payroll, and time & labor

Data Warehouse

The data warehouse includes all data used to support the reporting activity for the organizational functions and business (Tambouris, Zotou, Kalampokis & Tarabanis, 2012). The data warehouse defines the research, staff and client life and all the pathways for data from each department.

Donor Relationship Tool

The donor and alumni relationship tool is mainly used for one main purpose, to maintain the relationship among donors. It is mainly for communication and condition for fundraising and other stakeholder functions.

Sign Now

The signup is the platforms for users to sign up, and sign into the systems. The platform allows the users access into the systems to prepare, their forms, send and return any document of interest from any of their devices.


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