Essay on Campus Life

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Date:  2022-06-05


I worked so hard in my high school so that I could secure a place in the university. My parents always insisted that being educated would be the key to success and I was determined to succeed and never to let them down. As the first born, I was also supposed to set a good example for my siblings. I performed well and got enrolled in the university. Life was not as I expected and no one had warned me of what I was to expect. In high school, there were teachers to guide everything I did, I had my parents who always ensured that I did not go hungry and was ready for school at the required time, I felt care all though, but now I had to take responsibility of my life. My mother was no longer there to remind me that I had classes to attend and homework to be done. I was free and could do anything I wanted.

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I did not realize that excess freedom would end up destroying me. I made friends and together we could always influence each other on what to wear when to go for classes and to make excuses so that we could get money from parents and use it to party every weekend. When I took the first grades at home, I was average, and after my parents enquired, I told them that campus education was more complicated. However, the second time I had failed and my father was notified that I never signed class attendance life. I was taking drugs already, and my parents saw that I would end up a waste. It was then I was transferred to a university close to home, where I would go in the morning and back home by six in the evening as too much freedom was doing me harm.

Everything that I was doing had to be monitored by my mother and father. My father was very keen on my studies after I joined my second year. He ensured that he kept posted by several lecturers on my attendance to class and participation. Any time we sat for assessment tests, my father, personally, went to the school to determine how I was performing. At home, I had a timetable I was expected to follow. After school at six, I would help in the housework for two hours, and then I would carry out personal studies for three hours. After there, I had a choice whether to sleep or watch tv and considering that I had to wake up very early next day, I would end up sleeping early since I had to be in school by eight. Even when I did not have any classes, I was required to go and conduct research in the library so that I could be informed and not fail in my studies. My father always stated that I had a lot of work considering that I failed most of my units in the first year and I was required to repeat them so that I could graduate when the time came.

I was able to concentrate on the second year and in the first semester, I performed excellently. My parents were happy as I had passed all the units and repeated everything I failed in my first year. They started to be less strict; they did not follow my work in school and never questioned when I came home late. It was a chance to get back to my old life. It seems I did not learn after the first mistake I made and how I wasted my parents' money to pay for the exams I failed. I did not even feel guilty because of the lies I told so that I could get money. I hooked up with a new gang in the new school.

I used to wake up early in my third year and pretend that I went to the library as usual. Instead, I would join my new friends, and we would go video gaming, at times to the club and later went to the hangout in different places. I also made excuses to get extra money so that I would pay for my expenses. Once the exams were out, my parents noted that I was not performing again. I tried to make excuses on how the studies were complicated, but my parents already indicated that they noted a change. This time it was worse. My father stated that he would no longer pay my tuition fee and I was required to take morning classes and work evening hours so that I could pay for my school. Since I wanted a better future, I had to work as instructed. It was the best lesson and punishment I ever had. I never appreciated what my parents did not pay my fees, but after I had no option but study and work, I learned to appreciate and take things more seriously.

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