Essay on American Culture Trends

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Date:  2022-05-16


Malcolm Gladwell's theory is a beautiful theory. The theory can be used to explain the impact of the trends of the American culture. As illustrated in The Tipping Point, the theory is very relevant in shaping the culture of America. There are a couple of ideas illumined by the theory. The ideas are as follows; the law of the few, the stickiness' factor and the power of context. First, the idea of the law of the few stipulates that most of the experienced social epidemics are caused by just a few individuals. Therefore, a small group of people is responsible for the tipping. This idea means that almost all achievements of culture are propelled by an individual or a couple of individuals.

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Additionally, the second idea is called the stickiness factor. The stickiness factor is a force that enhances people to pay incredible attention to a given culture. The presence of the stickiness factor will profoundly influence the impact of culture (Martin). Focusing on the American culture, the presence of the stickiness factor has made the trends of American culture applicable. On the other context, the power of context is also a critical ingredient. The idea states that the human behavior is shaped by the environment of the individual. In the trends of the American culture, the power of context plays a significant role.

The American culture is a unique culture. The American culture has an extensive history, and the heritage is richer than any other region in the world. The heritage of America has been shaped by many factors most importantly being a welcoming region in the world, America is rich in diversity. The many people in the rest of the world chasing the American dream have found a haven in America. The number of immigrants moving to America over the years has been tremendously rising. Nothing shapes any culture of a given nation more than does diversity and the freedom to explore and create new things. The heritage is a primary ingredient of a subculture of an entire culture.

Moreover, the culture comprises of a series of subcultures that significantly shape and distinctively make the culture stand out from the rest of the world. The American sub-cultures are formed by the music genres that are cherished in America like the pop music, the rock music, and the hip-hop (Kiron et al.). All these music genres that are widely loved by the Americans work a long way of shaping the culture of America.

Besides that, diversity of heritage has shaped the culture of America. As we all know America was inhibited by the Red Indians as the indigenous people before the immigration of the rest of the settlers, who were dominantly Europeans running away from persecution in Europe. For instance, the Quakers and the Puritans moved to America to seek a haven as their beliefs and life were under threat. The government and the Papacy threatened the Christians who did not subscribe to the idea of merging church and state. The Puritans, for example, were pious individuals who believed in the biblical principles. When they immigrated to America, the Puritans embarked on a pursuit to positively change the society. These group of individuals advocated for freedom and fairness. The Puritans were against slave trade for they believed that all humans were equal in the eyes of God. Christianity and religion as a whole do shape the culture. In this context, the complexity of Christianity has shaped the culture of America in a great deal. It is undeniable that the influence religion has on the American culture is second to none. Also, the polarity is a fundamental trend that is taking the American culture by storm. The contradiction is the alignment of a given ideology or ideal. For instance, in America, people are aligned with political parties. The political alliance whether democrat or republican plays an enormous role in influencing the American culture. The homogenous subcultures are essential in shaping the culture of America.

It is quite evident that from Malcolm Gladwell's school of thought the world is ever changing at a faster rate than the past centuries. The change that is being experienced in the United States of America and the rest of the world is necessitated by the enormous urge and desire for perfection (Gladwell). Malcolm Gladwell is a renowned author of best-selling books. His best books include the Outliers and The Tipping Point. Malcolm Gladwell firmly believes that each player in the world shoulders a big responsibility to be smart in solving severe challenges. For instance, the government agents especially in the security arm ought to outsmart the previous generations is addressing challenges such as terrorism and mitigation of the same. The problem of insecurity pauses alarming risks to the world. Therefore, the security agents ought to think ahead and lay proactive contingency measures to curb the risks.

Moreover, from Malcolm Gladwell's belief and presentation of the theory there are serious insights that are always drawn. First, a thorough analysis is vital. The players responsible must do a critical and beautiful analysis of a given individual situation to come up with better facts and necessary information (Gladwell). Apart from conducting a professional review, the agents must find the emerging trends and the rate at which the patterns are incorporated in the world. Also, assessment of individual situations is necessary for a clear view of the future. Significantly, the agents in various agents of government even after analyzing conditions and doing an assessment of the same, projection of the most favorable courses of action. Therefore, due to the paradigm shift in the entire processes of addressing globalized issues even the policymakers ought to formulate policies that are global-centric to accommodate adjustments. As the world is changing the relevant authorities ought to be keen on helping the shifts.

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