Essay Sample on Different Hope and Standards for Their Sons Than for Their Daughters

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Date:  2022-11-05


Parents have different expectations from all their children, the belief yet to be confirmed is, are the standards set by parents equal for all the children? This huge question can revolve around some sociological concepts. The answers can be provided if keen observation and research are conducted in identifying the standards set by parents for each gender. Considering some aspects like the development of a child one can easily deduce what kind of expectations or standards are set by their parents. In many cans, one can easily argue out that parents have some kind of different hope and standards for their sons. Ideally, the set standards and hopes might be somewhat independent of the gender as argued out below.

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First, parents take a considerate amount of time trying to find out the capabilities, abilities, and inabilities of their children. These qualities are not at all related to the gender of the child but rather their strengths and weaknesses. According to (Goncher 22) girls are more talented than boys by a margin of around 11%. These statistics give an upper hand to what is really to be expected from the parents when setting standards for their children. The notion that higher standards should be set for the male child should be in an era long gone.

Secondly, parents generally expect their sons and daughters to behave in a specific but distinct manner. In any way, parents would still want their children to have some common values and etiquette as expected by society. Shyness and Social Conflict Reduce Young Children's Social Helpfulness due to the high from them by their parents (Eisenberg) Moreover, children can always develop the correct and appropriate mannerism if what is expected from them is logical and not beyond expectation. This is regardless of the gender of the child.

Also, the physical expectations and appearance of children are a product of the set standards and the desires of the child. In this case, the gender of the child might not be considered. Physical fitness is necessary for all the children and there for flexibility should be encouraged and kept as the standard for all the genders. For instance, equal opportunities are offered to both the males and the females in Olympics and sports. With these already in place then we can confidently argue that there are parents who do not consider the gender of the child.

Apart from that, children must choose what they want to achieve regardless of the set standards. The interests of children might vary not necessarily because of their gender but rather the standards they wish to make. Decency in dressing and behavior are all attributed to the rule set by each parent, but these standards require a specific channeling which is not necessarily based on the gender of the children. By this argument, we can say that some of the choices children make might not always be as a result of the hope or the standards their parents have set.

On the contrary, some of the hopes and standards might be directly related to the gender of the child. Some expected hope might be too heavy a burden to a boy child than to a girl child. (Lynette 35) Argues that parents may consider the physical appearance of their daughters regarding beauty rather than of their sons. This character is as a result of what is to be expected from the male child. This attribute clearly shows that there are some standards and expectations that do not cut across all the genders of children.

Other than that, parents expect that their sons should be more of independent and reliable, this is not the same standard that is expected from the girl child. This standardization has some effects on both the male and female children. For instance, females, in general, have been getting a lot of protection from the women bodies as well as from their parents. This turn of events resulted in the neglecting of the male child as an independent pillar thereby making him vulnerable. Due to these standards, boys face a hardened life like exposure to drug and substance abuse at early ages.

Last but not least, parents expectations might be the root of all the discrimination based on gender. Gender-based violence is mainly a result of the set standards that the children were meant to supersede, those who are unable might result in assaulting or harassing individuals of the opposite gender. (Lynette 37) In her book reveals clearly that one in every three girls experiences violence according to the claims of women activists organization. The results of this can be directly connected to the high expectations set for the boys that could not be achieved hence resulted in abusing women.


In conclusion, parents should at least try not to set the standards and expectations so high of one gender but instead try to be more equal to both the child genders. Intellectual giftedness or physical fitness should not result in parents discriminating or not setting possible standards for the less gifted children. Parents have a moral obligation to ensure that all their children achieve their set goals regardless of the gender. No gender is higher than the other one.

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