Essay on Native People Living in the US

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Date:  2021-06-24

From the Huffington post, it is evident that the natives have been disregarded, mistreated and subjected to no form of native immunity. The writer of this post centers on the oppression of the Indian natives living in the US with specific regions such as Oklahoma being mentioned. Further oppression is evident when the Indian Removal Act was implemented. In a post by Brave Julian, thirteen issues have been identified that mark the plight of Native Americans. These communities have been said to face a wide range of social injustices such as denial of basic rights to own property (land) or access services (education and health). Another post by Horwitz Sari has brought out the economic oppression that the native Indians face stemming from the pangs of poverty and unemployment.

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One intriguing fact from the post by Alexie is the deadly gifts given to the natives and the striping of the aboriginal Indian rights. A positive development has been affected by corruption as well as a miscarriage of justice right under the nose of the federal agencies. From the post authored by Horwitz, the rates at which native children commit suicide is directly linked to the economic hardship these categories are exposed to. Broken promises have piled up over the years as well as violence, and abuse has soured the current state of affairs. It is also interesting to note that all these three writers have been able to link the current situation of the native Indians to historical injustices that have been unresolved over the years.

I have derived important lessons after reading the different accounts touching on the oppression of the Native Indians. One, the native Indians seem to be subjected to a lot of oppression, and none of these is easily brought to the attention of the public. Two, the federal government as well as state governments seem to have neglected the rights of the aboriginals. I have learned that there is more than meets the eye whenever the issue of community oppression is scrutinized. I have also learned that there is a lot of interesting historical facts related to the native Indians community that I need to understand.

Initially, I had the misconception that African Americans are among the most oppressed communities in America. This notion arose from the wide variety of literature that touches on the racism and oppression of the African American. A lot of existing literature has often given the oppression of African Americans priority, and this has overshadowed the oppression that aboriginals are subjected to.

After reading the articles, I have developed a new understanding of world views. One needs to pay attention to a specific community to understand the dynamics that exist which are considered as the oppression of a community. To understand the plight of the native Indians, one has to get close to the community. I have also understood that the historical facts of a given community such as native Indians or African Americans can be linked to current situations.

I am sure that the lessons obtained will impact personal behavior in future. I have developed the urge to read more about the history of the Native Indian communities and how their history shaped the situation they currently face. I intend to make an effort of delving into community-specific historical facts to attempt and explain various situations in the current era since I have determined that a strong link exists.

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