Essay Example on Victoria Fitness Company: Management's Crucial Role in Achieving Success

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Date:  2023-08-28

The dream of every company is to expand and attain its set goals and objectives. However, the company's management profoundly impacts how the company will make its achievements come to happen. Same to Victoria Fitness Company, The administration has a crucial role in the company as far as the company’s success is concerned. The managers have to plan, organize, lead, and control all the operations in the company (Islami, 2018). Despite the challenges they may face as the projects are underway, they need to be firm and fight for the company’s prosperity.

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The managers must apply the managerial functions they carry on their day to day duties. In Victoria Fitness Company, the managers understand and implement the following. They should know how to plan, organize, lead, and control (P-O-L-C). Knowing the P-O-L-C equips them to execute responsibilities effectively. Despite having the subordinate staff, the manager is supposed to plan for the organization. They must formulate and come up with ideas to make the company better. The thoughts should affect the operation and welfare of other workers.

In modus operandi, any idea brought on board for implementation needs planning (Islami, 2018). A thorough evaluation must be undertaken as strategies are implemented to ensure the success of the idea. The organization, therefore, formulates effective mechanisms that propel the idea. Besides, the organization also be in a position to organize. It organizes how the idea should be run. Therefore, different departments in an organization are assigned different roles to achieve the success of the concept. Typically, a leader should be a good moral to the team. Managers in Victoria Fitness Company influence the rest of the organization towards a particular aspect. Also, control is done effectively to guarantee the best results. The leaders do not enslave the workers, giving them ample time to carry on their duties in their best way out for the best outcome.

However, the company has always incorporated a balanced scorecard as a measure to affirm the transparency and prosperity of the company (Ibrahim, 2018). A scorecard is essential in the organization for several reasons. At first, the scorecard has four fundamental components. One of the elements is the financial component. The financial part ensures that the circulation of the money within the company are accounted for. Another component is the custom component. It is a crucial component since the company must have customers to run. This component ensures that there is a good rapport between workers and the company. It provides that there is an after cell services like delivering bulky commodities. The process component is another element of the scorecard. In the process, the feature includes an internal process incorporated to achieve the company's goals. It can be informed of enhancing technology to accelerate the operations. Finally, there is a learning and growth component. This is a fundamental component since it requires the company to learn from past challenges hence making improvements.

Despite the company's step toward making changes for better performance, some rebels arise (Taylor, 2018). Rebellion comes because there might be people with deferent perceptions. This is because different people think differently hence having a different understanding. Also, the fear of uncertainties contributes towards opposing change in the company. People may have adopted an absolute norm in the organization; when another culture is introduced, difficulties arise on how the culture may be in the future. Similarly, the habits of people constitute rebelling change in an organization.

Victoria Fitness Plan is dedicated to providing better services. The company is set to serve people concerning body fitness. This helps to improve the health of people in the region. With this, therefore, the organization has their year plan for better services. In that regard, facilities and the number of workers are targeted to be improved to serve a large number of people in a day. The management is devoted to making sure that the goals are met in three years.

The company is determined to achieve this under the laid down protocols that will enhance the smooth running of the project. Funding is essential. Therefore, the company has been able to lay down strategies to harvest money for the project (Islami, 2018). Apart from the already funds available, the company has written proposals to several organizations. Several plans have been approved. Also, the company gets grants from well-wishers like UNICEF; through this, the company is sure to run the project without challenges in terms of money.

Organizing for a project is also vital (Islami, 2018). Victoria Fitness Company has organized different human resources to make sure the project is achieved. Starting from the management to the subordinate staff, everyone has a role to play. The human resource manager has the obligation of recruiting new members every year. On the other hand, the manager is mandated to oversee every activity regarding the project to ensure it runs smoothly. The accountant also provides that there is accountability for every single cent. This is done to ensure that every department and everybody fully participates in the process.


Apart from having top managers, every department is allocated a leader. This is essential to ease the work of top management. The leaders are there to provide direction to the teams. To influence workers to work and, at the same time, to oversee and take reports to the top management. Workers are, therefore, supposed to communicate through the leaders of the departments so that the grievances are delivered to the senior management. At the end of three years, the company expects to have expanded and added some essential facilities in the gym, increased the number of workers to fifty, and also increased the number of people up to 500 to be served in a single day.


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