Essay Sample on Leadership in Construction Project Management: Impacts on Safety & Performance

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Date:  2023-03-26


The construction industry is a multidisciplinary section bringing together contributions of different teams to attain the goal of the project. The integration of activities of individual teams requires a suited management system. Multiculturalism is realized in the employee population, which involves an understanding of good interaction and interpersonal skills. The management needs to identify the abilities of different employees and align them to particular sections where they effectively contribute to the goal of the construction project. The management system also needs to focus on other factors that promote the success of the project and promote a common culture among the employees and the management team to create a shared vision and goal. The management of commercial construction projects focuses on the leadership, corporate social responsibility, sustainability employee welfare, and culture of conducting the construction process. Coordination and integration of the activities of the multiple teams and cultures presented by the employees are fundamental in creating a stable business. Employees and policies of the organization are crucial for the success of a construction project. Many construction companies face the challenge of harmonizing the team activities and creating policies that improve the standard of operation and reputation of the organization. The research aims at defining the influence of management styles deployed by construction managers in realizing the goals and objectives of the construction project. The analysis uses a qualitative research method based on descriptive data with reference to VINCI Construction. According to the study, effective management of construction projects focuses on the leadership approach and the policies aimed that integrate the activities of the construction teams and improving the quality of living.

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Leadership is crucial for the success of any business or implementation of particular projects. The input of the leaders influences the performance and culture of implementation of the organization's projects. The influence of leadership in the construction industry is undisputed as it employs various players in the implementation and successful completion of projects. Players such as designers, owners, constructors, and government agencies are significant in the construction industry (Zhao, Hwang, & Lee, 2016). The presence of many players in the construction process requires advanced and excellent interpersonal skills among the players to realize effective management and implementation of the projects (Jung, Jeong, & Mills, 2014). Conflict of interest may arise among the different players in the construction process and therefore require excellent negotiation skills and conflict resolution to attain streamlined and effective decision making that addresses the goals of the projects.

Commercial construction projects need harmonization of the various areas of concern through the input of the specific leaders and managers to attain uniformity and enhance the productivity of the teams involved in the project implementation process. The role of management is to present a team that works independently towards a common goal. In this case, the challenge arises in the implementation of the project through multiple groups. A common goal should drive the teams, and therefore, their independent efforts focus on attaining a similar purpose to other groups. The management of various departments works on the common framework that allows the integration of different activities and accomplishes a collective goal. The multidisciplinary nature of the construction industry makes the management functions crucial in deriving the best outcomes from the team and inspire them to higher goals (Kasapoglu, 2017). However, due to the nature of the construction project implementation, the choice of team players is vital as interpersonal skills are essential to the smooth operation of project activities. A project manager is a term used to refer to the project leaders commonly. The role of management of the construction project is tasked with leaders in various activities that define the progress of the project. The degree of management patterns varies according to management levels. The managerial positions commonly referred to as supervisory positions can be classified hierarchically into executives, managers, superintendents, and engineers.


The multidisciplinary nature of the construction projects encompasses different players in the implementation and successful completion of the project. Failure to coordinate and harmonize that activities of the individual teams can lead to a slowed implementation process or difficulties in the implementation process leading to the collapse of the project. It is essential to derive a practical management approach from the manager of various departments of the construction project. Effective management of the construction project takes into consideration the input of all the managers and the leaders of multiple teams. The role of management is crucial to the success of the construction project.

Research Problem

The integration of the activities of diverse teams involved in the implementation of the construction project is crucial in meeting the expected quality for the construction. The diversity in the teams and the management styles employed by different players in the construction process can create difficulties in the implementation process. In the process driving the construction process, the ideological differences among the managers and the professional diversity can lead to deviations from the goal of the project or derailed implementation process. Decision making can also be impaired and therefore lead to increased conflicts among the teams. The policies adopted by the construction company to provide a framework for implementation of the project can fail to meet the project's needs and satisfaction of the stakeholders and the client.


The project aims at defining the influence of management styles used by various leaders in construction projects to realize a common goal and improve the productivity of the project implementation process.

Research Tool

The study employed multiple research tools which included surveys, interviews, questionnaires and descriptive review of data obtained. The study focused on demographics of the sample population, their response on management styles, data assimilation for qualification and provision of a framework for data and result evaluation. The use of interviews, questionnaires and document analysis was aimed at enhancing the credibility of data collected.

Importance of Leadership in Management of Construction Companies

Management is perceived as an essential part in coordination and harmonizing the activities of the construction companies. In this case, leadership is tasked with the implementation of the guidelines of the project. This chapter highlights the importance of leadership by construction companies in the management of construction projects, design organization and evaluation of construction projects as a multidisciplinary program that incorporates various stakeholders. Design and construction are essential parts of the construction industry but deal in different aspects to meet the organizational framework expected. Therefore, the management system adopted is crucial in determining the flow of the projects managed by construction companies. Doloi (2012), indicates that efficiency of management process is determined by the leadership behaviors adopted by different construction companies. Respective departments are analyzed, and the eventual impact on the management of the construction projects is reflected in determining the role of leadership in ensuring the smooth operation of construction projects.

The performance of an organization is attributed to the leadership role in the implementation of organizational strategies. The success of a project can be determined by the incorporation of the economic, social, and political aspects of the project. The management of various projects communicates the goals of the project, which mainly utilizes the interpersonal skills to tap and integrate relevant teams that meet the personnel for the implementation process. The nature of construction is dynamic, yielding to technological, innovation, and random change. The change in the construction industry makes it necessary to keep up with the pace and the transition in the industry. The leadership of construction companies evaluate the environment under which construction projects are run and streamline the underlying factors for the project implementation process. Construction has experienced rapid change in the workload, corporate structure, workforce, and introduction of new entities in construction design, calling for efficiency in the management to allow swift adoption of the changes. Various researches have targeted the incorporation of several technologies in the construction industry to streamline the operations and improve the quality of production. Technology in the construction industry has also targeted the estimation process and enhancement of management efficiency. The impact of the emerging technologies in the construction industry is critical and can lead to the thriving or failure of the project. Construction companies rely on its leadership to evaluate trends in technology and suitability in improving the quality of production.

A limited number of researches are based on the leadership styles of the project managers and the superintendents on meeting the construction goal of the project. The success of a construction project can be influenced by factors such as the time, quality and cost of the project. Integration of the factors reflect in the success of the construction companies and its affiliate construction projects. The duration of project implementation is crucial in the evaluation of the successful progress of the project. According to Muller and Turne...

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