Essay Example on Two Shy Lovers: A Slow Burn Romance

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Date:  2023-05-29

The song that comes on is Nat King Cole's "When I Fall in Love," and the couple is sitting on a patio. The woman's name is Charlie, and she loves the song. The man, Ronald, asks her to dance. They begin dancing. One of the two is shy (the woman), and it's a very "slow burn" kind of relationship. Everything about their relationship is very polite, Jane Austen polite, even though it happens in today's time.

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The verse of the song sets the scene, describing how peaceful the environment in the garden is with dim electric lighting being the notable descriptive feature. A good lead by Ronald is soft but not restrained since he clearly states his intentions by slowly pushing himself towards Charlie his partner, silently inviting her to follow along with their palms locked and his eyes scanning the floor in front of him, but constantly aware of the movements in his palm and arms. It was as if they were living in a movie scene where all the lights, the people, and music followed together harmoniously. Men and women around them came along; you would think music was their only way of survival.

Ronald treats Charlie with tenderness and respect, not wanting to force any movement from her on the dance place. If Ronald leads a step or pattern, and Charlie happens to interpret it differently than what he had intended, he quickly adapts to her moves without any sign of him trying to force her. Ronald moves his left foot backward in a slow, smooth motion, sliding across the glossy floor. Charlie then rhythmically slides her right foot forward, trying to catch up with Ronald's retreating foot with hers. Leaning steadily forward and looking straight in her eyes, Ronald's fingers squeeze on her ribs as he moves forward again his left foot, finding Susan's foot unexpected and following it back.The song continued to softly brush through the ears of the dancers, with the singer's voice becoming louder and steadily giving confidence to Ronald. Trying to brush his lips with hers, Ronald gazes from left and then to her right side. Charlie, in the same rhythm, mimics him, gently turning her head to the other opposite direction. Then all of a sudden, she Charlie pushed him away as if he was awful, yet pleasing to be near. He moved but held on to her with his left hand, and Charlie's right hand catch him as their hands pulled stretched rotating out and away.

They had been lost in their moves when Charlie immediately realized everyone on the dance floor is staring. She made a whisper in Ronald's ears, making Ronald pull her more closely as if sensing the danger of her breaking away from his arms. The song intensifies, and Ronald continues to lead with moves. Not to disappoint him, Charlie allows herself to feel what he exactly feels and quickly adapts to changes Ronald's movements.


The two on the dance scene did not intend to show off and make others wish for the same- but they did. Their movement on the dance place rolled with dazzling grace that took away the breaths of all those in the audience that was watching. Ronald looked too tough and harsh to her when the dance was almost over, but that as a way of getting Charlie's attention and putting her desires into consideration.

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